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Medusa Jewels handcraft precious treasures enriched by exquisite colorful gemstones that make you shine with unmistakable refinement and taste.
Our charming collections are a blend of traditional values and designs coupled with a modern outlook resulting in magnificent and ravishing creations made to celebrate your very best moments with a lasting impression.

At Medusa Jewels, we take pride in offering beautiful jewelry and by offering an unparalleled online shopping experience. Our chat assistants love to shop jewelry for themselves so they perfectly understand your needs and how much is important for you to shop for the perfect gift, they will fully support you with their extensive knowledge and passion.

We believe that colorful gemstones are the purest representation of nature’s finest works of art. Our trusted suppliers have decades of experience in curating and sourcing the best loose gemstones from around the world. Our artisans will then make sure to accentuate their natural beauty by handcrafting stunning pieces of jewelry.

Every Medusa Jewels Piece is deeply personal, a precious treasure made to express your personality and your uniqueness. Each piece is destined to become a cherished gift, a valuable collector’s piece, a timeless heirloom, or a meaningful gift you give to oneself/yourself.

Founded in 2016, in the last few years, Medusa Jewels quickly has gotten international recognition and positions itself as one of the leading eCommerce retailers of gemstones jewelry known for its iconic and alternative designs. Today we channel our passion for gemstones into color-rich gemstone jewelry. Thanks to our reputation and business relationships we are sure that our suppliers and master artisans can design and craft each piece from start to finish, ensuring that from the sourcing to the final polishing, everything is done with utmost care and precision.


We realize our collections for the women who want to express themselves with colorful gemstones and rich creations. Every jewels has a history to itself. The stone choice, the gold color, the technical and aesthetic solutions are the results of an intellectual work and of various manual steps by our artisans.

From our stone sourcing to the sketches and to our hand craftsmanship, we strive to provide the highest possible standards and we take pride in that commitment. We believe every single detail of the process is an invaluable step toward excellence.

Our artisans and jewelry designers come from Italy, Russia, India, China, Mexico; bringing with them cultures, traditions, and valuable experiences from all around the world, experiences that thanks to the latest cutting-edge innovations, make your creative dreams become reality.

As Medusa Jewels continues to evolve, we remain committed to our industry and take an active role by supporting ethicals production practices and by donating a percentage of our profits to help build a brighter future in mining communities.


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