What Jewelry to Choose for Aries Natives?

Aquamarine Aries Quartz

What Jewelry to Choose for Aries Natives?

Aries (March 21 - April 20 ) opens the series of the 12 zodiac signs and coincides with the beginning of spring when nature comes back to life. Aries is a sign ruled by Mars. In Roman mythology, Mars was the god of war. As a result, rams are strong, have the mental strength, and often even physical strength, they are determined fighters, with great strength of character and great stubbornness to always be in the first place. Aries natives are accustomed to working to achieve their goals and to exceed their own limits. They are willing to take that extra step that gets them out of the crowd, but they become impatient and nervous when the results they expect do not appear as quickly as they would like. Aries is impulsive, authentic, sensual, energetic, and surprising people. We all have people in our close circle who are the sign of the ram and, on various special occasions, it is interesting to see which are the precious stones suitable for rams, in order to be able to offer them a personalized and carefully chosen gift. What gemstones are suitable for ram natives?

Aries have the ability to assert themselves from birth, they are brave people, born leaders, and the right stones can help them during their journey for affirmation.



Carnelian is a red stone, the shade of which may have brown or orange inflections. From ancient times, it is believed that the stone brings peace and harmony, that it is effective in treating depression and cultivating sexual energy. A carnelian stone resonates with passion and vitality, aligning with the ideals and will of the rams. This allows you to focus on the tasks you have in the short term while supporting the dynamic leadership qualities that rams have by nature. Carnelian has the gift of helping rams to anchor themselves in reality, to be more pragmatic and more practical.



Citrines are known to be the strongest stones of abundance, with a vibration that can allow you to bring a breath of well-being and wealth into your life in a variety of ways.

These yellow quartz crystals can help stimulate your imagination and this can create major changes in your life. It is an extremely beneficial stone that stimulates all three lower chakras and also opens the crown chakra to enhance intuitive abilities.

Put a citrine under the pillow to manifest while you sleep or wear citrine jewelry to encourage increased prosperity and help you earn more money.



Another earth stone, hematite, is associated with the energy of Mars, the dominant planet of the Aries sign. Use it to keep your goals stable so that the ram's training energy can run at full capacity.


18K Rose Gold (AU750) + 925 Silver Chain 11.0Ct Rose Quartz Pendant

Quartz, or rock crystal, is found in nature in many forms. It attracts energies that help calm overworked, nervous, and angry rams. Quartz helps to find balance, reminding you of your purpose and the need to look around more calmly and with more attachment. Quartz can be useful to the ram not only worn as jewelry but simply by its presence in its intimate space or workspace.

14K Yellow Gold 7.46ct Rose Quartz 0.16ct Diamonds Drop Earrings


Fire agate


Fire agate, as the name suggests, is a stone full of fire energy, so it should be used with caution. It is included in this list for those who do not have strong connections with the signs of fire, especially for those born in the sign of Aries. This stone encourages spiritual perfection during a period of time in which we tend to be blind to our spiritual selves.



14k White Gold 1.02ct Aquamarine & Diamonds Ring

Aquamarine stones have a strong energy for and help you get rid of old emotional problems that do not serve you. These are powerful communication stones, helping you to communicate your thoughts clearly.

These green-blue stones emit soothing energy and compassion, which could bring old problems to the surface to be solved. If you find this difficult, imagine looking into a pool of watercolored in aquamarine, then release the things that bother you, releasing them into the water.

By wearing a lovely pendant with precious stones like aquamarine, you have a great chance to get rid of the negative energies and problems that you have hidden in a corner of consciousness and do not know how to manage them.

 14K White Gold 2.62Ct Aquamarine & Diamonds Earrings




Another lucky stone for Aries is iron pyrite. People will follow the rams because of their leadership spirit, but they will not always be satisfied with the ram's style of guiding them, because consistency is not always the ram's strength. Ebrbec natives can often find themselves in the situation of starting projects, but they do not always complete them. Having pyrite nearby, along with the other stones of the ram, you will attract persistence, motivation, and will. if you don't necessarily wear pyrite jewelry, you can place a pyrite object on your desk or in the space where you are, to maximize your potential and remind you that you can improve in many aspects of your business.


''What do I do, I do not know what precious stones to choose?''

When choosing the best stones for rams, trust your intuition! The best Aries crystals are not always the same for every person. So, if your heart and intuition tell you that a certain set of stones is right for you, trust your intuition!

Here is an extensive list of stones beneficial to those born in the sign of Aries, from which you can choose:

Alacrity, axinite, bixbite, hematite, citrine, crocoite, datolite, diamond, tourmaline, emerald, fire agate, magnesite, magnetite, sardonyx, stellerite.

Although all of these stones are suitable for anyone born between March 21 and April 20, you may discover when looking for the meanings that one or more of these stones might please you more than others. Simply by wearing your favorite stone, you can attract beneficial energies for yourself or for the ram you want to surprise with a gift full of grace.

Jewelry is always a good gift idea! Do not hesitate to enjoy the unique Aries in your life with unique jewelry and precious stones.




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