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What Jewelry Should Taurus Natives choose?

What Jewelry Should Taurus Natives choose? - Medusa Jewels


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What Jewelry Should Taurus Natives Choose?

The one born between April 21 and May 21 is a sign of the earth, ruled by the planet Venus: Taurus. The natives of this sign are hardworking, greedy people, and even family members. Although they are not superficial people, bulls are attached to material things. They pay attention to everything around them and develop this skill either in the pragmatic sense, of cultivating entrepreneurial talent, or they filter everything through the prism of emotion, becoming rather artists. Taurus natives are sensitive beings who work well when they are inspired, and especially a muse to inspire them. What jewelry can we offer to bull natives to enhance their creativity and entrepreneurial instinct?


Taurus is an element of earth, thus being practical and realistic. Using one of the stones recommended for the bull sign, you can strengthen your strengths and overcome your weaknesses.


Which are the gemstones for the Taurus sign?

The zodiac sign of Taurus includes the following main stones: jade, malachite, sapphire, amber, emerald, rose quartz, and turquoise. In addition to the Zodiacal stones, aventurine and emerald are listed as Planetary Stones for Taurus and garnet as Talismanic Stone.


The healing properties of some of these stones are quite important, and their use can support your health and well-being. Taurus jewelry made from one of the crystals in the list can be attractive for other zodiac signs. They can also be worn as decorative objects because they are very beautiful. Never will an artificial stone reflect sunlight as beautiful and mesmerizing as natural stones can. Hence their mystical charm.


If you are wary, do not hesitate to buy jewelry with many of these stones, especially if you want to give them to someone in the sign of Taurus. It will be very useful if you can wear similar healing crystals during the day, to help you benefit from their unique vibrations.




Jade - Medusa Jewels



The strongest stone for Taurus is the green jade stone. Taurus natives have the ability to constantly overcome themselves through any obstacles in their lives. Green jade improves this ability and encourages you to lead a richer and more fulfilling life. It can also help you achieve your goals and dreams and allow you to see beyond any of your limitations.




Malachite stone encourages growth and transformation. Taurus wants to be stable and consistent, but malachite encourages you to make changes to move outside your comfort zone. Practice healing with malachite to get rid of clichés, habits, or relationships that are no longer useful to you or may even prove toxic. Be open to change, transformation, and growth, and new opportunities will appear in your life even when you least expect it.



The sapphire is considered the king's stone because it symbolizes purity and wisdom. The color of the sapphire varies from translucent blue to dark blue. The darker the color, the more the sapphire costs. It is said that when worn, this birthstone of Taurus natives brings protection and helps to discover personal whiteness. What a sapphire gate feels free from all the negativity that hinders the harmony of life.


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Amber is often associated with Taurus. Amber is worn to bring the power of the sun and combine it with the earthly energy of old times in your life. Wear amber to connect to the natural, primary energies of nature. Enjoy the power of this "Gold of the Sea".



Emerald stones are known as a crystal that helps to find true love because their vibration opens the heart chakra and the thymus chakra, also known as the higher heart chakra. The emerald carries the energy of the green-ray, a strong vibration that you can see around you, in nature. Like the heart chakra, the thymus chakra also vibrates with the energy of love, but it also carries the added energy of divine love, compassion, and forgiveness. Sometimes relationships need thymus chakra energy to bring balance back when the negative things that have happened have made the relationship sour and unbalanced. Emerald stones bring a wonderful energy to help attract peaceful and harmonious periods in your life.


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Pink Quartz


pink quartz gold earrings - medusa jewels

Pink quartz resonates with the Goddess of Energy and is especially powerful for healing higher chakras. This includes both the heart chakra and the higher heart chakra, also known as the thymus chakra.


This beautiful, pink stone embodies the energy of deep spiritual love and is one of the most important stones representing the feminine principle. Its energy targets the vibration of "love", not only physically, but also emotionally and spiritually. The energy of this beautiful birthstone of Taurus natives resonates in the neck chakra, the third eye chakra, and the crown chakra. Pink quartz helps bring these chakras into resonance with the energy of the heart, as they beat as one, with the vibration of love and compassion.


pink quartz engagement ring - medusa jewels
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 One of the basic healing crystals among precious stones, Turquoise is a stone that activates the triple chakras of the heart, neck, and third eye. When used for diseases such as burns, wounds, and allergies, Turquoise can have healing effects. In addition, turquoise encourages meditation and attention.


How to clean negative energy stones and crystals suitable for bull natives?


Any collector of gemstones or crystals should take care of their stones so that they do not stop showing their beneficial effects after a certain period of time. A person who uses their gemstones regularly should clean them regularly to maintain their strong healing properties.


Cleaning the stones of native bulls can be done with sea salt. Sea salt provides a gentle cleansing on your stones and can effectively get rid of negativity and rejuvenate the healing properties.


Simply add a teaspoon of sea salt in cold water in a ceramic bottle. Do not use plastic dishes. Leave the gemstone in the sea salt solution overnight so that the vibrations and negative energies in the gemstone are absorbed by the water.


However, if you plan to use sea salt on land, simply cover the gemstone in salt and keep it there for up to seven days. You can also clean the stones of the Taurus natives by placing them in the moonlight. This will help decrease negative energies and intensify the healing properties of the stones.


You have the courage to give your loved ones jewelry with precious stones, whose metaphysical properties have been known for hundreds of years!

What is your favorite gemstones? Comment Below!




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