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Tourmaline Jewelry, Metaphysical Stone

Tourmaline Jewelry, Metaphysical Stone - Medusa Jewels
18k Rose Gold Emerald Cut 23.29Ct Green Tourmaline Pendant - medusa jewels

Tourmaline Jewelry, Metaphysical Stone


Tourmaline jewelry made its debut in the jewelry industry in 1876 when George Kunz, a famous mineralogist, sold a green tourmaline stone to the American company Tiffany & Co. In the years that followed, tourmaline gained popularity as a gemstone, and its metaphysical properties made it a favorite of collectors and practitioners.

An old legend says that tourmaline is found in all colors because it traveled along a rainbow and gathered all the colors of the rainbow. Tourmaline can be found in a variety of colors from black to blue-black, dark brown, yellow, light brown, neon blue, yellowish, and dark forest green, red and reddish-purple, yellow, pink, and colorless.

An interesting property of tourmaline is pleochroism - the change in color depending on the angle from which it is viewed. The most common phenomenon of tourmaline color change is from blue to black. The most expensive varieties are pink tourmaline, a very popular variety in China, also called "rubellite", its price has tripled in the last few years. Equally popular is green tourmaline, its price has also risen significantly. And any bright green tourmaline is exorbitantly expensive.



Tourmaline Jewelry


Tourmaline comes from the language of an ethnic group in Sri Lanka and means "stone with many colors" in translation. In ancient times, Tourmaline is considered the Stone of the Muses, because it was believed that its many colors could give its wearer vision, inspiration, and unlimited creativity.

Tourmaline is the crystal with the most interesting physical properties. For example, it is the only mineral that has a permanently charged electric charge, which is why it is called a "crystalline magnet".

Tourmaline has triboelectric properties, which means that when rubbed it is charged with electricity and has a negative pole and a negative one, thus attracting small fragments of paper or sand and ash.


10k Rose Gold 1.06ct Pink Tourmaline & Diamond Ring - medusa jewels

10k Rose Gold 1.06ct Pink Tourmaline & Diamond Ring


The first to understand the electrical properties of tourmaline was a naturalist from the seventeenth century who based his observations called this stone "lapis electricus", meaning electric stone.

The tourmaline crystal generates both electricity and heat. Moreover, tourmaline generates an electric current of an intensity compatible with the electric current generated by the human body, of 0.06 mA, thus being able to balance the biofield of the human body affected by acute or chronic disease.

18k Rose Gold Emerald Cut 23.29Ct Green Tourmaline Pendant - medusa jewels

18k Rose Gold Emerald Cut 23.29Ct Green Tourmaline Pendant


When heated, tourmaline creates a weak magnetic field, emits long-wave infrared rays and anions (negatively charged ions) that have many healing effects, including:

  • Improves local blood circulation
  • It balances the endocrine and hormonal systems
  • Improves cell metabolism
  • It balances the vegetative nervous system by promoting relaxation and detention
  • Stimulates the body's vital energy (chi).

This is why tourmaline is incorporated into various medical or holistic devices for its effect of reducing inflammation and pain and stimulating healing processes in case of wounds, fractures, and burns. Also, tourmaline in the form of microcrystals or in liquid form is impregnated in various natural textile fibers. Thus, tourmaline textiles with a large surface area are obtained, which are worn to eliminate pain in various areas of the body.

18Kt White Gold 1.92Ct Tourmaline Pendant - medusa jewels

18Kt White Gold 1.92Ct Tourmaline Pendant


Metaphysical properties

Tourmaline is the most prized stone for its metaphysical properties. Tourmaline is the most important stone of the Heart Chakra. Pink tourmaline is a stone compatible with Yin energy, feminine, unmatched in healing emotional wounds. Tourmaline inspires feelings of joy, happiness, love, and relaxation. It is one of the strongest stones that can help us calm down and get rid of daily stress.




Rubellite (red tourmaline) can help us find the courage and strength to deal with difficult situations.



Watermelon tourmaline stimulates love and tenderness. Gives patience, tact, and diplomacy. Banish depression and fears, and promote inner security.

Tourmaline is the official stone of those born in October, according to the ranking adopted by the American National Jewelry Association in 1912. It is also the stone of those in the zodiac sign Leo and couples on the 8th anniversary of marriage.

18K White Gold Oval 2.16ct Tourmaline Earrings - medusa jewels

18K White Gold Oval 2.16ct Tourmaline Earrings


Pink tourmaline has been used to reduce the tendency to fall at all ages, including babies who are learning to walk.

Wearing pink tourmaline jewelry helps to reduce stress, worries, depression, and anxiety, worn with black tourmaline can even help disperse obsessive behaviors.

The uses of black tourmaline are also interesting. It is used in crystal therapies to purify the energy of space, as well as to set an intention, to absorb the electromagnetic energy emanating from computers, televisions, and any other electronic object that emits an electromagnetic field. It is also believed that wearing black tourmaline jewelry can even protect us from physical attacks or energetic vampires, and any form of negative energy. Black tourmaline is one of the most common stones used in meditation. It exceptionally concentrates the energies of the Earth, providing a high level of purification of the aura and the etheric body, thus giving us protection to safely explore the spiritual world.

18K Rose Gold 2.0CT Green Tourmaline & 0.12CT Diamond Ring - medusa jewels

18K Rose Gold 2.0CT Green Tourmaline & 0.12CT Diamond Ring


In conclusion, tourmaline jewelry, whether used for the physical properties of tourmaline, the crystalline magnet, or the magnetic biofield it emits, is widely used both as an ornament, impressing with its rainbow colors, and as a stone with therapeutic properties, helping us to purify, heal, rebalance.

Discover the treasures with tourmaline from our boutique, to the delight of the eyes or for a memorable purchase.



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