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Topaz Jewelry, the Stone of Perfection

Topaz Jewelry, the Stone of Perfection - Medusa Jewels

topaz jewelry medusa jewels

Topaz Jewelry, the Stone of Perfection

Topaz is the perfect gemstone. Good hardness, 8 on the Mohs scale, in combination with the most desired colors and a relative abundance and accessibility make topaz one of the most popular gemstones. The most popular colors of Topaz are golden yellow-orange, called Imperial Topaz, as well as red-pink and red-orange. The value of the stone increases the more intense the orange and reddish colors. The most used to create topaz jewelry is blue topaz stones.

14K White Gold 12.18ct Topaz & 0.82ct Diamonds Ring - medusa jewels

14K White Gold 12.18ct Topaz & 0.82ct Diamonds Ring


Topaz is a fairly common and relatively inexpensive gemstone. It is found in impeccable crystals, which are then cut into huge stones weighing thousands of carats. The biggest gemstones we can ever admire are topaz stones.

Topaz is a durable stone that does not dissolve in most chemical solvents. And although it can be cut perfectly, it is prone to breakage if hit hard. Topaz is also a stone that changes color, ie it is a pleochroic gemstone, the color intensity of topaz can vary depending on the angle from which it is viewed.

What are topaz stones used for?

925 Sterling Silver Blue Topaz Bracelet - medusa jewels

925 Sterling Silver Blue Topaz Bracelet


Topaz stones in various colors are used to create topaz jewelry, rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and bracelets. Blue, orange, and pink topaz stones are most often cut as precious stones. Colorless topaz has become increasingly popular as a cheap diamond replacement. Giant stones in faceted spheres are cut from impeccable giant crystals and they are the subject of refined and exclusive collections.


What is Mystical Topaz?

Some topaz stones are heat-treated, then coated with a metal oxide to change their color or to produce their iridescent rainbow effect. These treatments are then sold under the trade name "mystical topaz". This mystical topaz is just a colorless topaz with a coating that may not be durable!

The Significance of Topaz

925 Sterling Silver Blue Sky Topaz Ring - medusa jewels

925 Sterling Silver Blue Sky Topaz Ring


Topaz is a stone of love and luck and is particularly effective in successfully achieving goals. It is believed that it can help us attract the right people into our lives, for friendship, love, or business, as well as to improve existing relationships, because it encourages honesty, loyalty, and trust.

Topaz Jewelry - Therapeutic Indications

Topaz can be useful in exposing lies or illusions and can help us find ourselves when we stray from the right path. The power of topaz increases from new moon to full moon and is believed to be the most skillful in detecting love or money fraud. Pure (transparent) topaz is the most aligned mineral with the Moon, you can wear it to read in it images or symbols significant to you at the full moon. Wear blue topaz jewelry when you need people to reveal secrets or to spread rumors, gossip, and lies.

18K Rose Gold 3.0Ct Topaz 0.16Ct Diamonds Engagement Ring - Medusa jewels

18K Rose Gold 3.0Ct Topaz 0.16Ct Diamonds Engagement Ring


Use the energy of Topaz to erase fatigue or free yourself from difficult emotions. It's great to lift your spirits and make you feel good about yourself. Topaz can also give us an impetus to give our thoughts and actions. Yellow topaz is a good stone against depression, and placing a Yellow Topaz in the area of ​​the solar plexus can give us an intense feeling of well-being. Blue topaz helps us control anger and brings hidden emotions to the surface, so we can examine them carefully and release them.

Topaz is also called a gourmet stone, known for its ability to shape taste sensitivity and stimulate tastes. Wine tasters before a tasting session use the topaz stones for a better appreciation of the liqueurs, as well as for digestion.

925 Sterling Silver Blue Topaz Gemstone Bracelet - Medusa jewels

925 Sterling Silver Blue Topaz Gemstone Bracelet


Placed in the Chakra area of the Third Eye (ie between the eyebrows), the blue topaz can help us to consciously and clearly articulate the thoughts and feelings we want to communicate. Albatross topaz is a pacifying stone, calms emotions and is ideal for meditation and connecting with etheric beings. It is like a natural magnifying glass that amplifies our psychic abilities by assisting those who seek to connect with their inner wisdom, as well as those who offer spiritual guidance to others.

18K White Gold Clear Blue 7.0Ct Topaz & 0.18Ct Diamond Ring - medusa jewels

18K White Gold Clear Blue 7.0Ct Topaz & 0.18Ct Diamond Ring


In conclusion, Topaz is a precious stone with multiple properties, both physical and metaphysical, spiritual. It is relatively inexpensive and can even successfully simulate diamonds. The biggest gemstones we can admire are topaz stones, with thousands of karats, which makes it a very special stone. Topaz also gives us spiritual guidance and helps us detect lies and illusions.

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