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Sapphire, Stone of Truth, and Divine Protection

Sapphire, Stone of Truth, and Divine Protection - Medusa Jewels
18k White Gold Sapphire & Diamond Engagement Ring

Sapphire, Stone of Truth, and Divine Protection

Magnificent and sacred sapphires in all their heavenly shades, stones of wisdom, prophecy, and divine grace. They have always been associated with sacred possessions and considered the most valuable gemstones, sapphire jewelry has marked the history and tradition of almost any religion. For the ancient and medieval world, blue sapphires meant the gifts of heaven, faith, and hope. They were a symbol of power, but also of good and wise judgment.


History and Spirituality

Over time, sapphires have been prized stones by spiritual leaders, kings, and nobles.

In Old Testament times, King Solomon and Abraham wore sapphire talismans, and the Law given by Moses on Mount Sinai is believed to have been engraved on sapphire tablets.

The Greeks wore sapphires for wisdom when they went after answers to the oracle in the temple at Delphi. And Buddhists believed that sapphires brought devotion and spiritual enlightenment, while Hindus brought sapphires to temples as offerings to "favorably align the stars."

The high Christian prelates wore ecclesiastical rings with sapphires, and kings and nobles wore sapphires for protection and intuition.


18K White Gold 1.57Ct Oval Sapphire Halo Ring - medusa jewels

18K White Gold 1.57Ct Oval Sapphire Halo Ring


Nowadays, the Sapphire is considered the Stone of Wisdom, a royal stone of learning, mental acuity and psychic activation, the stone of the seekers of spiritual truth.

Its pure blue light brings order and healing to the mind, providing strength and concentration and the ability to see essential truths beyond deceptive appearances, as well as the ability to use this knowledge.

Sapphire stimulates the neck chakra and the third eye chakra, allowing access to deep levels of consciousness, thus allowing a better understanding of the self.

Associated with the planet Saturn, the Blue Sapphire embraces order, and structured forms, as well as self-discipline and is a stone that promotes the achievement of goals and the manifestation of ideas in reality.

The power of sapphire to transform thoughts and negative energy makes it effective in healing the chakras.


18K White Gold 0.4CT Sapphire & Diamonds Ring - medusa jewels

18K White Gold 0.4CT Sapphire & Diamonds Ring


What are sapphires?

Sapphires are still considered the most valuable gemstones today, after diamonds.

Sapphire is a highly sought after stone for its cumulative strengths: excellent color, hardness 9 on the Mohs scale, durability, and polychronic luster.

In the jewelry trade, Sapphire without color prefix refers to the blue variety of the mineral Corundum. However, the term Sapphire encompasses all other varieties of stones in the colors of Corundum, except Ruby, the red variety of Corundum, which has its own name since antiquity.

Sapphires often contain minor inclusions of Rutilus that decrease the transparency of the stones. When in dense groups, these inclusions can give a polished appearance to sapphires with asterism. Sapphires with this property are known as "Star Sapphires", and they are highly prized. There are star sapphires with 6 rays, but also sapphires with 12-star rays.


18kt White Gold 6.97ct Sapphire & Diamonds Bracelet

18kt White Gold 6.97ct Sapphire & Diamonds Bracelet


18kt White Gold 6.97ct Sapphire & Diamonds Bracelet

Sapphire is a polychrome stone, having a lighter or more intense color when viewed from different angles. Some sapphires are blue when viewed from an angle and purple when the angle is changed. Some stones can even be multicolored.

Sapphire is a hard and stable stone, and the only natural stone stronger than sapphire is diamond. Despite this, the sapphire can fracture if mishandled. Sapphire was first synthesized in the laboratory in 1902. The process of creating synthetic sapphires is known as Verneuil or flame fusion. Only experts can distinguish between natural and synthetic sapphires.


18k White Gold Sapphire & Diamond Engagement Ring - medusa jewels

18k White Gold Sapphire & Diamonds Ring


Due to its hardness, sapphire is used in industrial applications, such as components for watch crystals and motion bearings, scientific instruments, high-strength glass, and insulating substrates in special purpose solid electronics.

Laboratory-grown synthetic sapphires are used to replace the glass at some expensive watches. The advantage of sapphire over ordinary glass is that sapphire is harder and more resistant. Sapphire can only be scratched with diamonds or silicon carbide. So a watch with a silicon dial will probably never be scratched if handled properly. The disadvantage will be the price, a watch with a sapphire dial will be much more expensive.


18K White Gold 4.1ct Oval Sapphire Earrings - medusa jewels

18K White Gold 4.1ct Oval Sapphire Earrings


Famous sapphires

On February 6, 2017, Queen Elizabeth marked the 65th anniversary of her accession to the throne. She marked this jubilee of the longest-lived monarch with an epic photograph of a suite of sapphire jewelry donated by her father, King George VI, as a wedding gift in 1947. The shiny necklace, dating from 1850, contains 16 large elongated sapphires. , surrounded by diamonds, matched with a pair of sapphire and diamond earrings.




In conclusion, sapphire has proven to be exceptionally versatile, from evoking the sacred and the divine to industrial applications, electronic insulators, and watches that never scratch. The history of the sapphire is intertwined with that of the great religions, empires, and technical-scientific discoveries. We, lovers of beauty, however, will decide to wear this celestial stone for its exceptional beauty, and for all the spiritual energy that it can activate in us: intuition, wisdom, beautiful and positive thoughts.

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