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Pearl Jewelry, You Can't Go Wrong with Them!

Pearl Jewelry, You Can't Go Wrong with Them! - Medusa Jewels

Pearl Jewelry, You Can't Go Wrong with Them!

What is the best reason to wear pearl jewelry? Pearls intensify a woman's beauty and give her face a special glow. Pearls are a classic piece of jewelry that automatically transforms a mundane look into a sophisticated one.

And what do we do with the prejudice that pearls are only for older women? The famous Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis dismantled this prejudice once and for all. She used to say, "Pearls are always right."

Pearl Pendants

18K White Gold 13ct Freshwater Pearl Pendant Necklace - medusa jewels

18K White Gold 13ct Freshwater Pearl Pendant Necklace


The history of pearls

Pearls have been prized and collected from the depths for more than 4,000 years, is considered the oldest and most valuable jewelry of all time.

The ancients believed that pearls symbolize the moon with their fascinating luster and that it would have its magical powers. The Chinese considered pearls a royal gift. In Rome, pearls were a symbol of wealth and high social rank. In modern history, Native Americans valued pearls found in lakes and rivers. French and English Spanish settlers discovered pearls from Indian tribes in their barter ornaments. As soon as they discovered a large number of pearls in the rivers of the American continent, they became the main product sent by settlers to Europe.


Pearl Rings


18k Yellow Gold Freshwater Pearl & Diamonds Ring - medusa jewels

18k Yellow Gold Freshwater Pearl & Diamonds Ring


18k Two-Tone Gold 0.4ct Pearl Ring - medusa jewels

18k Two-Tone Gold 0.4ct Pearl Ring


Fascinating water creations

In addition to being the object of a prosperous and profitable industry, pearls are creations of nature. Several species of mollusks have acquired over the course of millions of years the ability to isolate a foreign body, penetrated into their shell, surrounding it with layers of mother-of-pearl and thus making it harmless. How are pearls born? With an accidental injury, the invasion of a parasite, or the burglary of an intruder in the mollusk's body!

14K 585 White Gold Fresh Water Pearl & Diamond Ring - medusa jewels

14K 585 White Gold Fresh Water Pearl & Diamond Ring


We humans resort to drugs, complicated surgeries, or remove by hand foreign objects that invade our bodies. But the mollusk has learned over millions of years to clothe the foreign body in a smooth, calcareous material, the same material from which the shell itself is made, thus isolating the intruder and making him harmless. If you can't get rid of it, at least make it easier to tolerate.

Fascinating! Pearls are therefore the result of this magnificent natural physiological process of defense.

Most mollusks possess this defense mechanism, but not all have commercial value. The valuable ones look like pearlescent formations with a silky sheen.

Pearl Earrings

18K Yellow Gold Akoya Pearl Earrings - medusa jewels

18K Yellow Gold Akoya Pearl Earrings


Birth of an industry

Pearls formed naturally by the accidental penetration of a foreign body into the body of the mollusk are rare, therefore they have exorbitant prices.

In the 20th century, the foundations of industrial pearl production were laid, and the pearl market was saturated with cultured pearls, much cheaper than those harvested in the wild. Pearl culture is based on a combination of human intervention and the natural process of depositing the limestone formation around a foreign body. The human intervention consists of inserting that foreign body into the soft tissues of the shell - fragments of the tissue of the mantle of a donor shell. Shells are then maintained and raised on freshwater farms for 2-7 years before being harvested for their pearls.

However, this process is not an easy one either. The shell takes many years to produce a large pearl. Only 5 percent of pearls are high quality, perfectly round, and have that iridescent luster - pearls used to create luxury jewelry.

The side is not only the result of a physiological defense process but also a masterpiece of nature. It is a formation of small crystals of calcium carbonate, perfectly aligned with each other so that the light that passes along one pearl is reflected and refracted by the others producing together a rainbow of light and color. The iridescent character of mother-of-pearl is due to the fact that the thickness of the lamellae of which the mother-of-pearl is composed (hexagonal aragonite lamellae), is almost equal to the wavelength of light.

Pearl Brooch




Technological imitations

And because the 20th century came with many technological solutions for imitating any natural material, the imitation pearl industry also experienced boom and bust. Imitation pearls are made of glass, plastic, or mollusk shells. Some are even coated in a substance that mimics the iridescent shine of mother-of-pearl.

Thus, we can find glass pearls, which have a completely different look, in shape and luster, the most valuable being the Swarovski pearls, mechanically made of glass.

Swarowski crystal pearls are perfect imitations of natural pearls. The name Swarowski comes from their creator, Daniel Swarowski, the inventor of the most efficient crystal cutting and grinding machine.

Most imitations have certain disadvantages, for example, contact with perfume or perspiration in the case of plastic or glass imitations, often causing damage to the mother-of-pearl layer. Another disadvantage would be that the fake pearls are scratched very easily, which makes it quite difficult to clean them. On the other hand, Swarovski pearls are not sensitive to perfume or perspiration and, moreover, can be cleaned and are resistant to abrasion and superficial scratches.

Pearl and Gemstones Jewelry

14K Yellow Gold 0.48ct Emerald & Pearl Vintage Ring - medusa jewels

14K Yellow Gold 0.48ct Emerald & Pearl Vintage Ring


18K White Gold Akoya Pearls, Emerald & Sapphire Pendant - medusa jewels

18K White Gold Akoya Pearls, Emerald & Sapphire Pendant


Celebrity wearing pearl jewelry

The iconic style of Jacqueline Kennedy, the first lady of the United States in the '60s of the last century, continues to inspire women's clothing choices around the world, as well as jewelry choices. She is often remembered for her passion for pearl jewelry. She adored her pearl necklace of three strings of pearls, which she inherited from her mother. Pearls completed her elegant outfits and she wore them everywhere, from daytime to evening events. About pearls, he used to say, "Pearls are always right."




Another famous pearl bearer was Margaret Thatcher, whose string of pearls has accompanied her public appearances for more than 60 years. The Iron Lady's pearls, although classic and expensive, but far from the decadence of the diamonds of the Holywood divas, speak of reliability, tradition, and common sense. Thatcher was known for her skirt suits, which she almost always combined with silk blouses. Jewelry with white pearls was never lacking, whether she wore them as earrings, necklaces, or brooches.

In conclusion, why wear pearls?

Pearl jewelry is fascinating, illuminates our face, delights our eyes, and has that hypnotic power of the play of lights and rainbow colors. They are miraculous creations of nature, of an ingenious process of physiological defense, carried out over the years, by small mollusks that immobilize their intruders by wrapping them in a mother-of-pearl shell. People have learned to control this natural process, but they have also learned to produce wonderful imitations of pearls, which has led to the creation of fascinating jewelry suitable for any outfit!

Discover natural pearl jewelry in our Pearl Collection!



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