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Lucky Jewelry for Virgo Natives

Lucky Jewelry for Virgo Natives - Medusa Jewels


Lucky Jewelry for Virgo Natives


In this article, we will discover jewelry for Virgo natives. Those born between August 23 and September 22 are born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, an earth sign. Virgo natives are not easy to take with sugar, you can't sell them donuts. For them, the saying deeds, not words fit best. In the case of the virgin natives, the rational predominates, the sentimental side being secondary or even negligible.

Virgos plan important steps in their lives calmly and carefully, leave nothing to chance, and do not see spontaneously a quality, a romantic and sympathetic side, but rather a sign of weakness, a lack of responsibility and seriousness. It is very simple to take those born under the zodiac sign of virgins out of their comfort zone because of the simple fact that their account does not match the one in the fair risks putting them in difficulty. Even if they are not necessarily flexible and adventurous, people born between August 23 and September 22 are reliable, tenacious, and very hardworking. When they propose something, you can hardly divert a virgin from his plan. Virgos are dedicated to their passions and willing to put in a lot of effort to achieve their goals.


Precious stones for Virgos

Wonderful features are associated with each zodiac sign. Precious stones work to enhance your strengths and help you meet challenges. The zodiacal energy of each sign surrounds us all depending on the time of year we are in.


Green Jade


There are several precious stones useful to highlight the qualities of the Virgin among them, the most important is green jade. Green jade creates harmony between mind, body, and spirit, bringing energy to virgins who want to cultivate their spiritual side and find their inner balance. Green jade also helps to capture healing energies. This gemstone is beneficial to virgins because it helps them achieve the goals they set for themselves, helping virgin natives to overcome their self-imposed limitations and have the courage to express their ideas and thoughts.



Virgos are perfectionists and meticulous people, who often risk getting lost in the details in an attempt to get the best possible results, no matter what they set out to do. Therefore, the Amazon, a beautiful blue stone, a stone of balance, is recommended for virgins to find their inner balance.





Citrine, a yellow stone whose name comes from the French term for lemon, has among its qualities the fact that it does not attract negative energies and does not store them. Therefore, it has an important protective role against these energies, which people project on those around them even involuntarily. Remember that any thought is energy transmitted to those around you. For virgin natives, citrine helps them to cultivate their relationship qualities, to communicate more freely and more effectively with those around them, as well as to regain their self-confidence. Citrine also has the power to increase the body's ability to heal.





14k Yellow Gold 10.64ct Natural Citrine & 0.16ct Diamond Ring


14k Yellow Gold 10.64ct Natural Citrine & 0.16ct Diamond Ring - Medusa Jewels




14K Yellow Gold Oval 4.13ct Citrine & Diamond Earrings


Citrine gold earrings - medusa jewels




 14k Yellow Gold 16.98Ct Citrine Pendant


gold citrine solitaire pendant - medusa jewels




It is believed that sapphire helps to improve the positive traits of the virgin and at the same time attenuates them, thus facilitating better personal development. The stone, when worn, encourages those born under this zodiac sign to become even more sincere, which can be useful to virgins both in their personal relationships and in their professional encounters. Sapphire has the property of helping the wearer to be more eloquent and more careful with his words. Many believe that sapphires can help solve health problems that affect especially those born in the virgin zodiac.





18K White Gold Oval Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring






14K White Gold 0.76ct Blue Sapphire Diamond Halo Earrings






18K White Gold 1.60Ct Sapphire & Diamonds Pendant





925 Sterling Silver Blue Sapphire Tennis Bracelet





Red Jasper


A stone that is delicate to the touch, red jasper has a stimulating effect on Virgo. This stone of determination will give the Virgo natives the strength and consistency they need to achieve their goals. Wear red jasper to relieve stress and reconnect with the energies of the Earth. Its cleansing effect eliminates negativity and stabilizes the aura. It is an ideal stone for calming nerves and restoring balance.


How do we offer crystals and precious stones to our loved ones?

If we analyzed people from the perspective of the knowledge they have about the metaphysical properties of precious stones and crystals, we could classify them into 2 main typologies. First of all, there are individuals who know the stones by heart, I recognize them from a post office. These are usually people who cultivate their spiritual side, who know their ascendant, and who are truly passionate about crystals and their healing powers. At the opposite pole are people who do not even know what sign they are and who, in general, will look with great skepticism at those who will present the special characteristics of stones and crystals, the latter being correlated with the birthdays of each. Regardless of the type of person, you want to surprise and offer a unique piece of jewelry.


You don't have to be a hippie to enjoy beautiful jewelry, inlaid with precious stones and crystals. The specific stones of each sign have, in addition to their unique properties, an essential advantage: they are extremely beautiful and can enhance anyone if worn properly. Their miraculous side is a bonus, a kind of surprise from a goldfish, ready to fulfill 3 wishes to someone who will believe that something miraculous can happen to him.

When I offered the skeptics in my life jewelry with the precious stones of their zodiac signs, I always got reactions of humor, curiosity, joy that the jewelry was chosen carefully - unique jewelry for unique friends.

 Do not hesitate to give yourself a gift with ornaments yourself with precious stones that have been believed for hundreds of years to help you become the best version of yourself. Colorful, mysterious, extravagant, precious stones and crystals never go out of style. It is up to you to choose the right jewelry that will give you a feeling of well-being and take you out of anonymity. Anything is possible when you feel good in your skin, and the right jewelry for the right outfit can definitely work wonders!




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