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Jewelry with Gemstones and Crystals for Leo Natives

Jewelry with Gemstones and Crystals for Leo Natives - Medusa Jewels

Jewelry with Gemstones and Crystals for Leo Natives

In this article, we're going to discover jewelry and gemstones for Leo Natives. Leo natives celebrate their birthdays between July 23 and August 22. The native lion, an innate, ambitious, and proud leader, is a sign of fire. Leo natives are very brave, able to think long-term, and sacrifice possible short-term benefits to carry out their projects. Lions love to be the center of attention, to be admired and praised for their achievements, but they hate to be criticized. Lions do not accept the advice of those around them, and even if they sometimes listen to it, it does not mean that they want to put it into practice. Lei natives are not stingy, but they like financial stability and luxury. They are passionate and tender people, who love with passion and are, as a rule, the dominant partner in their love relationships. But what stones and crystals suit a haughty native lion who loves opulence?


What is the history of the stones of the Leo natives?

Who Discovered the Constellation Leo? It was discovered by the Mesopotamians around 4000 BC. Hr.? The lion tells the story of Nemean, who was killed by Hercules with his bare hands because the lion's body could not be broken by metal or stone. The lion is therefore thought to be invincible. If you are a Leo, you think you are unbeatable.


Why are the precious stones of the zodiac sign Leo beneficial?

Find your weaknesses and then use gems to correct them! From luck to love and success, many things make the stones of Leo natives extremely powerful. While lions may seem super-optimistic and enthusiastic, they are not always the same. Arrogance and ego are two main poisons of Leo natives, which can cause them great trouble and discomfort.

What stones and crystals should Leo natives wear?



Amethyst is indeed a stone that can be used at any time throughout the year. It is beneficial to use amethyst while the sun is in the lion's astral home, as it can enhance spirituality, a feature that lions tend to ignore and not cultivate at all.

Amethyst helps you to gain wisdom by reconnecting every aspect of your being with its inherent spiritual nature. Amethyst is a gemstone that carries the purple ray. It can help you give up everything that is old and everything that holds you back - at every level and in every aspect of life - so that you can fully embrace your spiritual destiny.

When you wear an Amethyst ball necklace, it forms a column of energy that extends from your physical body through all the inner aspects to the Soul itself. This column allows the energy of the amethyst to rise from the heart to the head. In this process, Amethyst draws your attention to your inner aspects, increasing their awareness and knowledge. Then the Amethyst and the purple rays bring this wisdom back into clear, conscious thought. The more you wear Amethyst, the more this energy column grows.




18Kt Rose Gold 0.84Ct Cushion Amethyst Ring


18k rose gold amethyst ring - medusa jewels


925 Sterling Silver 1.79Ct Oval Amethyst Ring


oval amethyst silver ring - medusa jewels


18kt Rose Gold 9.85ct Amethyst & 0.20ct Diamond Ring


18k rose gold amethyst ring - medusa jewels




14K Yellow Gold 5.80ct Amethyst Drop Earrings


amethyst gold drop earrings - medusa jewels


14k Two-Tone Gold 8.65ct Amethyst & Diamonds Studs Earrings


14k Two-Tone Gold 8.65ct Amethyst & Diamonds Studs Earrings - medusa jewels


925 Sterling Silver 5Ct Green Amethyst Drop Earrings


green amethyst drop earrings dilver - medusa jewels





14K Rose Gold 6.71ct Amethyst & Diamonds Pendant


14K Rose Gold 6.71ct Amethyst & Diamonds Pendant - Medusa jewels


18k Rose Gold 11.81Ct Amethyst Pendant


amethyst pendant - medusa jewels





925 Sterling Silver 13.5ct Amethyst Bracelet


925 Sterling Silver 13.5ct Amethyst Bracelet - Medusa Jewels




Carnelian is indeed the embodiment of the native lion. It is a stone of passion and physical vitality. This stone is especially useful due to the grounding energy as well. Lion natives tend to get stuck, get stuck, and carnelian can help them move more harmoniously in their projects.



Citrine is, of course, a stone of the pure sun. Any stone that resonates with the sun will resonate with the energy of Leo. Citrine is a stone of abundance.

Citrine is famous for its ability to help people acquire and maintain wealth. It represents abundance, which seems to attract success, prosperity, wealth, love, and other good things in life. This includes general happiness.


Citrine is said to increase productivity and enhance imagination and creativity in the workplace. In relationships and at home, it can promote cohesion and facilitate problem solving and understanding. In addition, keeping citrine around us can protect us from noise, jealousy, and those that could tear our hearts apart. Sometimes citrine is in jewelry for newborns in the form of a sphere or angel to bring happiness, health, intelligence, confidence, curiosity, and wisdom.





14K Yellow Gold 5.03Ct Citrine Ring






14K Rose Gold Round 7.98ct Citrine & Diamond Earrings






14k Yellow Gold 16.98Ct Citrine Pendant






Source: Wikimedia


Howlite is another stone that can enhance the energy of spirituality.



Labradorite is a stone of strength and transformation. He helps Leo look deeper into his soul and become more introspective if he tends to be more extroverted.


 Source: Wikimedia


In the metaphysical world, labradorite is most often considered a magic stone. The Inuit people claim that the stone comes from the frozen fire of the aurora borealis. Considering, wearing or wearing it daily, it is said labradorite can unlock the abilities of telepathy, clairvoyance, coincidence control, and prophecy. It can alleviate the negative aspects of its owner's personality (and therefore reduce shame and depression), discourage reckless, impulsive, and antisocial behavior, and help detoxify the effects of alcohol, tobacco, and hard drugs (to a lesser extent). . Some keep it around the workplace because it is said that labradorite brings the best results in all signs and promotes a more pleasant atmosphere at work in general.




The earth is very important while the sun is in the lion's house. The energy that surrounds us at this time of year is very lively and sometimes chaotic. Onyx can help keep our brains going while boosting Leo's energy and encouraging his pride.



Pyrite is a stone of protection and prosperity. It resonates with Leo's energy, so this is the right time to take it out and use it to deflect negativity from your space.


Pyrite resonates with the energy of the earth and fire. It is considered a mineral of action, will, and vitality and is said to have the ability to help its native reach his potential and empower him with the knowledge and awareness that wealth can be generated by his own power. Pyrite is believed to promote confidence, persistence, and defense against negative energies and pollutants. It can highlight a person's boldness and assertiveness when protecting or taking a stand for other people in the community. Pyrite is said to stimulate the second and third chakras, enhancing the ability to distinguish between facades and what is real.

 What's your favorite gemstone for Leo natives? Comment Below!



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