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Jewelry and Gemstones for Sagittarius Natives

Jewelry and Gemstones for Sagittarius Natives - Medusa Jewels

Jewelry and Gemstones for Sagittarius Natives

We like to believe in stories, in beautiful stories with a happy ending, in precious stones that protect us from evil. We like to feel protected. And then, if this faith brings us a state of comfort and peace, why not maintain it? After all, we do no harm to anyone. If we have a Sagittarius friend we can give them without hesitation an amulet and the right jewelry, according to their zodiac sign. What jewels for the Sagittarius could we choose and give, in order to remember us fondly and to feel somewhat protected from evil?

Most Sagittarians are conservative, they do not like to change the already established course of things, but it is more convenient for them to adapt. Sagittarians are generous, have a big heart, and gladly help those who need their support. We can also say that Sagittarians are sincere, honest, independent, optimistic, energetic, with a developed sense of justice.

So what jewelry, what stones can we give to a Sagittarius?

Sagittarius Stone must help him achieve his goals, only Sagittarius is determined to reach the target well. And once he arrives, he will not stay still for long but will set another goal. However, how can we not fail when choosing a stone jewel for Sagittarius? It is just said that certain stones are suitable for certain Sagittarius. This match is related to the decade in which they were born. In order not to fail, when we choose a jewel with a gemstone for Sagittarius, we will pay attention to the decade in which it was born. So we distinguish the following decades:

November 23 - December 2

To Sagittarians born in this decade, we will give jewelry with jasper, lapis lazuli, tiger eyes, quartz, amethyst, agate.


14kt Yellow Gold 6.85ct Amethyst 0.23ct Diamond Ring


14k yellow gold round amethyst engagement ring - medusa jewels

Amethyst has a beneficial influence on Sagittarius. Amethyst will intensify the Sagittarius intellectual abilities, help him focus when he has difficult intellectual work to do, protect him from deception, conspiracy, intrigue, and envy, including those that may come from those close people. Amethyst can awaken Sagittarius' love for the one who gave him this stone.

14K White Gold 11.5Ct Amethyst & Diamonds Ring






You won't go wrong if you give him a jasper bracelet

This mineral saves the body from the negative energies accumulated over the years. They attract wealth to the home of the wearer, bring health, and help improve memory.

December 3 - 12

Sagittarians of the second decade are creative people, among them composers, writers, painters. The following stones suit them: opal, chrysoprase - the stone of victory and acceptance, turquoise - the stone of happiness.



Source: Tiffany & Co.


Turquoise is, in fact a universal talisman for all zodiac signs, but which loses its power in the hands of evil people. The most important thing for turquoise is to bring peace and make friends to all those who are enemies. Turquoise protects against unwanted events, teaches man to be patient. It enriches his intuition, contributes to the formation of such qualities as steadfastness and understanding. Turquoise is an indicator of health. When the master becomes ill, the stone loses its luster, all this happens when the master loses his love. Turquoise protects you from the wrath of the bosses, makes the soldiers fearless. Turquoise is also a symbol of the fight against spiritual evil. Strengthens the heart, helps treat eye diseases.

A jewel with turquoise will help Sagittarius find a common language with those around him and will protect him from discomfort and harmful energetic influences. However, it is better than the turquoise, the turquoise talisman is not in tandem with the gold.

December 13-21



Source: Verdura


The men of this decade love the beautiful life and strive to do their best to make their aspirations come true. They dress well, buy expensive clothes and surround themselves with imposing people.


For Sagittarians of this decade, we will be donating hyacinth jewelry.
Hyacinth, a variety of zircon, will ensure Sagittarius success in achieving his goals, including sports and politics.

Generally, a zircon amulet will help the Sagittarius man succeed in business and increase his wealth. This mineral helps to find the optimal solution in solving problems and shows its owner the right way, which will surprise his material well-being.

And Sagittarius of the last decade will also fit the main stone of Sagittarius, the one that protects it, the garnet. When we say garnet, in our mind there are some bright red stones, which resemble some well-heated coals of coal. Sagittarians who wear a garnet jewel, red as fire, will be spared trouble and bad luck. They will become wiser and will be able to channel their energies with maximum benefit for themselves. Weaker Sagittarians will be helped by the grenade to have more confidence in their own strengths and become stronger. For Sagittarius, bright red garnet jewelry is more suitable.

It is necessary to mention that the grenade can be useful only to those Sagittarians who will use it for good things.

In any case, beyond decades, Sagittarius can still benefit from the properties of the stones below.

The cornerstone of all Sagittarius, the one that protects them from the needs of life and brings them success, health, happiness is a variety of garnet, compliments. This stone is the stone of sincerity, love, and friendship. The compliment awakens crazy passions, gives unsuspected energies. But experts say that this stone is suitable only for very strong people and perfectly supports their energy field.


18k Two-Tone 2Ct Emerald & Diamonds Halo Ring


Emerald, an expensive stone for Sagittarius.

But let's not forget the emerald, with the mention that a piece of emerald jewelry, a very precious stone, which is sometimes more expensive than a diamond, will be useful and will only help thos with a pure soul. An emerald jewel will strengthen the heart and nerves, curb harmful impulses and destroy dangerous connections with harmful people. First of all, the emerald jewelry will help the representatives of intellectual works, helping them to penetrate the mysterious thoughts of those around them. For those who like it, the emerald will turn dreams into reality. It is an emerald stone, it is a stone of the soul, it is not simply given, but as a reward for something, for a service, as thanks for helping a sick person, as gratitude for the love that someone has for us. It can shatter on its own,




Another stone suitable for Sagittarius is chrysolite. In translation, the word chrysolite means "golden stone". It will help its master to avoid unthinking actions, to gain more self-confidence after a terrible disappointment. Chrysolite can be helpful for hypertensives, for those with eye problems, for those with spinal diseases. Get rid of nightmares.

In any case, it doesn't matter which stone will complete the collection. It is important to treat them with love and care. Only in this case will the stones be truly useful to you and will open their mysterious forces to your good.




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