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How to Choose the Right Diamond Bracelet

How to Choose the Right Diamond Bracelet - Medusa Jewels

How to Choose the Right Diamond Bracelet 

At the 1987 US Open, professional tennis player Chris Evert lost his diamond bracelet during the match. Evert asked the officials to stop the game, to look for his bracelet while the spectators and viewers watched him with their souls in their mouths. From that day on, the thin chain diamond bracelet was named "tennis bracelet". Tennis fans around the world and great tennis players took inspiration from the model and started wearing "tennis diamond bracelets"! Many tennis celebrities today, such as Serena Williams, wear such a bracelet.

Read this article to find out more about diamond bracelets, why to wear them, what options we have, how to distinguish a real diamond bracelet from a fake one, and what you need to know before buying the famous tennis bracelet.

How much do diamond bracelets cost?



The cost of diamond bracelets varies depending on the quality of the diamond, the metal in which the diamonds are mounted, and the manufacturer. A simple bracelet can cost $ 1,000-2,000, while a more elaborate model can cost $ 35,000.

The prices of diamonds vary depending on the characteristics of the stones: the weight and quality of the carat, measured mainly by the color, clarity, and cut of the stone. In general, the rarer the characteristic of a diamond, the more expensive it is. For example, whiter diamonds are more expensive than those with yellowish hues, because you rarely find a diamond that is perfect or almost colorless. Likewise, clean-looking diamonds are harder to find than stones with visible defects, so stones with greater clarity are sold at a premium price. So what kind of bracelets to wear?


Diamond bracelets for Women



A gold bracelet is by far the most successful gift choice for any birthday or birthday that a man can make for his beloved woman. And the best investment that an intelligent, career and elegant woman can make.

The models worn by women today are presented in a stunning variety: from bracelets made of various precious metals (yellow gold, pink, white, platinum), with cord, with diamonds, with precious stones and diamonds, adjustable, handcuffed or chain type.




A gold diamond bracelet with tennis diamonds for example is a piece of resistance in the jewelry box of any stylish woman. The tennis bracelet can be worn on any occasion: for a sporty or casual outfit - a thin bracelet with colored diamonds, for an elegant outfit - a single bracelet with white diamonds, larger in size, from two carats upwards.

Diamond bracelets for Men



Trend-sets for men's jewelry are undoubtedly the great athletes and actors of Holywood. Although men's relationship with bracelets is more complicated, this trend has gained momentum. Men wear newer than metal bracelets, hand-made bracelets, with charms or leather. And as I said above, made of precious metals and diamonds.

Vogue bracelets are massive bracelets with the name of the engraved owner, appreciated since the '50s until today. The masculine design and appearance of the bracelet are important. The massive bracelets are usually worn on the right hand, so on the one opposite the watch, and in their choice, the match with the watch case and/or the trouser strap is sought. Thus, a gold bracelet will be worn with a watch with a leather strap and a gold case.

Tennis Diamond Bracelets

Source: Brillianthearth


The Tennis Bracelet is a bracelet with small diamonds or precious stones tied in a thin chain, made of precious metal. Being an elegant piece of jewelry, the tennis bracelet is usually made of 14K or 18K gold or platinum. Nowadays, the tennis bracelet is a must-have piece of any jewelry collection due to its versatility. What is a tennis diamond bracelet?

Tennis bracelets are delicate, classic bracelets with a symmetrical diamond pattern. Traditionally this is a gold bracelet mounted with diamonds tied together. Nowadays, there is a wide variety of bracelets made of different precious metals and different models of diamond mounts. The thickness of the bracelet can also vary, so you can choose between a thick or thin gold bracelet with small or large diamonds.

How do you choose a gold bracelet that fits you perfectly? A gold bracelet is an essential piece of any jewelry collection. A subtle and fine chain or a statement hard to overlook? That depends entirely on your personal style.

If you want to complete your outfit with various jewelry, it is good to choose a simple and discreet gold bracelet, which does not attract the eye in particular. Even when you are not wearing jewelry because of your more active lifestyle, a stylish and durable tennis bracelet can be a valuable purchase.

But you want to stand out with statement jewelry, then you can choose a more attractive and voluminous gold bracelet that suits your more extravagant style. It's all about buying your diamond bracelet from a trusted jewelry supplier who can prove the authenticity of diamonds.


Black Diamond Bracelets



Black diamonds are fragments of stars that adorn the frame of much fashionable jewelry, especially men's. Black diamond is a polycrystalline that comes from hydrogen-rich sources, probably from interstellar space, made up of millions of other small crystals pressed at very high temperatures.



Scientists believe that black diamonds formed from a supernova explosion 3.8 billion years ago outside our solar system. It was discovered by Brazilians almost 2 centuries ago, in 1840. But due to its impurities and porosity, as well as the fact that it is quite difficult to process, it was not considered worthy of being mounted in a piece of jewelry. In addition, it does not shine like other diamonds, because it does not allow light to penetrate.

But the avant-garde saw its potential full of mystery and integrated it into precious jewelry, most often in the form of micro-pave. It is mainly used for men's jewelry and even wedding rings instead of traditional diamonds. Much cheaper initially, today black diamonds have the same price as white diamonds.

How to test a Diamond Bracelet

Breath test You can do a quick test to find out if a stone is a real diamond by blowing on it and see how quickly fog forms on the surface of the stone. If the diamond is genuine, the moisture should disappear almost instantly. Imitation diamond bracelet If the fog persists for a few seconds and does not disappear immediately, then the stone is most likely not a real diamond. This test is not reliable if you are dealing with a material with thermal properties similar to those of diamond: in such a case, the fog can disappear quite quickly, but this would not be conclusive proof that the diamond is real. . Real diamonds should have no scratches

A real diamond can be chipped, but because it is very durable, it should not have scratches. If you see that the stones in your bracelet accumulate scratches over time, then these stones are most likely not real diamonds. You probably have an imitation made of a softer material, such as glass or cubic zirconia, materials that are easily scratched. The disadvantage of this test is that if a bracelet is new, it is unlikely to have scratches. All this leads us to the most reliable way to detect fake diamonds - the diamond tester. Diamond Tester The diamond tester is a device that can detect whether a stone is a genuine diamond by testing its physical properties using heat or electrical impulse.

Those that use electrical conductivity are more accurate - those that use heat can be wrong with moissanite (a mineral often used as a diamond imitation) because both materials conduct heat in the same way. Almost all professional jewelers have diamond testers at their disposal. Don't forget to ask if the tester can detect moissanite (the so-called synthetic diamond).

Whatever your choice, invest smartly, start with the base - a simple tennis bracelet that you can afford and match any elegant outfit, and don't forget to check the veracity of the diamonds to protect your investment.




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