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Green Gemstones - A Select List for Amateurs

Green Gemstones - A Select List for Amateurs - Medusa Jewels
emerald ring and emerald bracelet - medusa jewels

Green gemstones. A select list for amateurs

When it comes to green gemstones, what do you think of? The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to green gemstones is the emerald. Emerald necklaces, emerald earrings, emerald rings in dozens and hundreds of designs and combinations that have seduced many jewelry lovers over time. But the world of green gemstones is very vast, and emerald is just one of the countless green gemstones that merchants have carried on their ships since ancient times to sell to nobles in the most diverse kingdoms around the world.


You will find many stones in green shades of the most varied, of different sizes and structures, at prices from the most affordable to some with many zeros! Regardless of fad, budget, desire, if you want a green gemstone that will represent you and bring you luck, you have a choice.

The green color symbolizes growth, peace, and harmony. It is the color associated with spring and represents fertility and renewal. Green gemstones are among the most sought after by jewelers. Green has always been an important color in jewelry design because it is a sophisticated color that adds a touch of elegance to any outfit. Green is the most soothing color in the spectrum and attracts us naturally.


Green stones have been associated with royalty since ancient times. The Maharajahs of India had a weakness for emeralds, while the Tsar of Russia, Alexander II, had a green gemstone, which he named Alexandrite. What is beautiful is not only pleasing to God, but also to ordinary people, who do not necessarily have the financial possibilities of the nobility. The green stones have also ignited the imagination of ordinary people who, even if they cannot afford the pieces that the Maharajahs and the country wore every day, still have a few solutions at hand.

Although emeralds can be the most popular green gemstones, there are over 100 types of green stones that can be used in jewelry. They vary in shades, prices, and features, and it can be difficult to choose the right stone for your purposes. There are affordable green gemstones that are no worse than emerald. In the following, you will find short presentations of the most beautiful green gemstones in the world.



Emerald ring - Medusa Jewels

The most popular green gemstone of all, emerald, has gained fame since antiquity. The famous Egyptian queen Cleopatra was known for wearing emeralds. Emeralds were even used in funeral rituals, as mummies were found buried with emeralds.


Emeralds are a member of the family of illustrated beryl precious stones. When buying an emerald, the most important factor is the color. After all, an emerald is nothing if it is not green. The more intense the color, the more valuable the stone. Most emeralds contain inclusions, often muscle-like threads, nicknamed "Jardin" for the word garden. These are very common and pure emeralds are incredibly rare. Emeralds are fairly strong stones (7.5 to 8 Mohs), but inclusions can cause the stone to weaken and chip when exposed to rough wear. They are usually treated to increase their color and stability. Emeralds are ideal for all types of jewelry, but special care must be taken if the emerald stone is chosen for an engagement ring.



14kt Two-Tone Gold 0.84ct Emerald & Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring


14kt Two-Tone Gold 0.84ct Emerald & Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring


14K White Gold 1.93ct Emerald & Diamonds Halo Ring


emerald ring - Medusa jewels



14Kt Yellow Gold Diamond & 1.57Ct Oval Emerald Earrings




18K Rose Gold 1.40Ct Oval Emerald Stud Earrings








18K White Gold 7.61Ct Emerald & Diamond Bracelet







14k Two-Tone Gold Oval Emerald & Diamond Pendant



emerald pendant - Medusa Jewels




Green Diamonds

green diamond - medusa jewels



Green diamonds are extremely rare. While most colored diamonds get their color from the presence of trace elements, green diamonds are quite unique in this regard. They receive their coloration from the natural irradiation that takes place over thousands of years. Yes, radiation is dangerous, but green diamonds are not radioactive and there is no danger of wearing them. 

Green diamonds are very expensive, but not as expensive as red or pink diamonds. They are found in shades from light green to strong green, sometimes with secondary tones of yellow, brown, or blue. Because they are so expensive, synthetic green diamonds (man-made) are a more affordable option.



amazonite - medusa jewels



The Amazonite takes its name from the Amazon River in Brazil. This green stone was popular in pre-Columbian South and Central America, where it was used as a gemstone. The Amazonite has a beautiful shade of blue-green and is believed to have the power to potentiate reason and bring peace.




jade- medusa jewels

As one of the most famous green gemstones, jade is a special piece of jewelry. Over the centuries, a jade butterfly is understood to be the symbol of true love, in fact, it has always been worn to attract love and to attract positive vibrations to itself.



peridot - medusa jewels



Peridot was called a sacred stone in ancient texts, including the Bible. Napoleon is said to have offered peridot to Josephine, the woman he loved, as a sign of eternal love and admiration.

Peridot Rings

14kt Yellow Gold Cushion Peridot Engagement Ring

14kt Yellow Gold Cushion Peridot Engagement Ring - Medusa Jewels


10K Yellow Gold 2.27Ct Green Peridot Ring


10K Yellow Gold 2.27Ct Green Peridot Ring - Medusa Jewels


Peridot Earrings



14K Yellow Gold & 3.02ct Peridot Drop Earrings


Peridot Earrings - Medusa Jewels


Peridot Bracelets



14k Rose Gold 14.10ct Peridot Bracelet


Peridot Bracelet


Explore more Peridot Jewelry



Green obsidian is relatively rare, the most common variant found in nature being black. Obsidian is found especially in areas where there is volcanic activity. Obsidian is used by many to help block negativity and depressive feelings.




Green Aventurine is described as the "Stone of Opportunity" and is considered the luckiest of all crystals. It brings optimism and lust for life, allowing the wearer to have confidence in what destiny will offer him, as well as to accept the change.



Malachite - Medusa Jewels

Malachite has been used in jewelry since Egyptian civilization. It was believed that the stone would remove the eye and was therefore often used in amulets. Malachite is worn to protect the wearer from accidents and to protect travel.

 14kt Yellow Gold Malachite Freshwater Pearl Pendant

Malachite Pendant - Medusa Jewels



Alexandrite is named after Alexander II, Tsar of Russia. The remarkable feature is its ability to change color. It appears green, blue-green during the day and acquires a soft shade of red, purple, or raspberry red in incandescent light.




Green sapphires should not be overlooked, as they are extremely radiant when set in precious materials to create jewelry, from rings to earrings. You can find a green sapphire, whose appearance becomes mesmerizing, amazing when light passes through it.


What's your favorite green gemstone? Comment below!



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