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Gemstones and Jewelry for Aquarius Natives

Gemstones and Jewelry for Aquarius Natives - Medusa Jewels
14k-white-gold-1-02ct-blue-aquamarine-diamond-engagement-ring - medusa jewels

Gemstones and Jewelry for Aquarius Natives

Those who were born under the sign of Aquarius are balanced people, very pleasant in conversations, they are interested in everything that is new, original, and mysterious, but it happens that sometimes they submit to a foreign will. Their fate is not the easiest. Aquarius falls to wear turquoise, hawk eyes, aquamarine. The latter is associated with the planet Saturn, which, according to astrologers, also belongs to this zodiac sign. Aquarius stones are sapphire, pearl, amethyst, agate, mountain crystal, lapis lazuli, jade, obsidian, coral, citrine, jasper, moonstone. Aquarius stones must be framed in silver or platinum, metals that match water elements. Totally contraindicated for Aquarius are diamond and citrine.



14K White Gold 0.76ct Blue Sapphire Diamond Halo Earrings


18k white gold oval sapphire diamond halo stud earrings - medusa jewels

One of the most spectacular stones for Vărsătorulu and is sapphire. Translated from the Greek, sapphire means blue stone. Even though it has a single color in its name, there are sapphires of several shades. There are green, yellow, lilac, pink, orange sapphires, there are even transparent sapphires.

Sapphire is a stone symbol of high ideals. Anyone who has a thirst for new knowledge, who wants to know the world and achieve spiritual harmony, can consider this wonderful stone as his talisman.

14k White Gold Emerald Cut Sapphire & Diamonds Ring


18k white gold emerald cut sapphire engagement ring - medusa jewels

If Aquarius wears a sapphire ring or bracelet on his right hand, it will protect his health. The sapphire, the stone of the beauty and clarity of the sky, makes its master vigilant, prudent, and endows him with a strong sense of justice. It is said that the owner of a sapphire becomes fearless. So feel free to give sapphire jewelry to Aquarius girlfriends or fiancés.



18k Yellow Gold Freshwater Pearl & Diamonds Ring


14k yellow gold freshwater pearl ring - medusa jewels

Pearls are some of the most beautiful gemstones on Earth, but also stones for Aquarius, popular and loved at various times. Marine pearls, especially natural ones, are quite expensive. Jewelers recommend wearing pearls carefully, guarding them from excessive drying, wearing them more often, and even washing them in warm soapy water. Magic astrology recommends immersing the pearls in water on the 1st, 2nd, 28th, and 30th of the month. The purchase of pearls will be made on the 29th day of the month.

Pearls bring peace and tranquility to those who have a long-term relationship. They are suitable only for fanatics, those who have special confidence in their own strengths. It is to these people that pearls give them stability, distract them from fanatical impulses, make them more objective. People who are confident in their pearls will make them objective, they will bring them closer to other people, it will calm their pride, their pride, it will give them the opportunity to look back and offer them security.

18k Rose Gold Freshwater Pearl & 0.36ct Diamond Ring


18k rose gold pearl ring - medusa jewels

Pearls are not compatible with adventure. Rather, they strengthen the fidelity to the partner but, at the same time, her fidelity to the chosen one. That is why pearls can often be seen on church icons. Pearls strengthen the house, and the pearl itself is a symbol of the soul. It best helps people who care for spiritual development.


14K Yellow Gold 9.26Ct Amethyst Pendant



14k yellow gold amethyst pendant - medusa jewels

Amethyst is considered the stone of fidelity and eternal love. It has a positive energy and can act on the aura of any human being. Amethyst is the stone of purity, uncleanness, and love, it is suitable as a gift for lovers. At the same time, it is a symbol of pacifism, sincerity, and a pure heart. You should wear it when you are haunted by anxiety. Amethyst has another quality. It is said that it can protect man from drunkenness. It is said that this miraculous stone absorbs all the vapors of alcohol, but remains awake. Amethyst gathers in him and keeps for a long time the energy of his master, so it is good to be carried to happy events, full of joy and fulfillment to be charged (for a long time) with the memory of those happy moments, being a good keeper of good moments.

18Kt Rose Gold 0.84Ct Cushion Amethyst Ring


18k rose gold cushion cut amethyst engagement ring - medusa jewels



Amethyst jewelry should be kept in a dark place to avoid losing color intensity. The amethyst stone must not come into contact with aggressive chemicals, so the amethyst rings will come off the finger if we plan activities that could affect it.


14K White Gold 2.75ct Blue Topaz & Diamond Ring


14k white gold round topaz engagement ring - medusa jewels

Topaz, the stone of wisdom, goodness, and peace, is among the precious stones recommended to the Aquarius woman. Among other properties, topaz protects the Aquarius from fear. Topaz is also suitable for passionate natures, only its special mission is to calm, to harmonize, and purify thoughts, to temper passions, to clarify thoughts, to protect the conscience from negative and depressive thoughts.

18K White Gold Clear Blue 7.0Ct Topaz & 0.18Ct Diamond Ring



18k white gold cushion cut sky blue topaz engagement ring - medusa jewels


14k White Gold 1.02ct Aquamarine & Diamonds Ring


14k white gold oval aquamarine halo engagement ring - medusa jewels

Aquamarine will also please Aquarius women. He can change his color according to the mood of his mistress. Aquamarine can be useful for women in love, to get rid of sterile dreams, and dreamy Aquarius will have a carefree life.


The amber is the stone that gives vital power, voice, activity, self-confidence, and freedom of movement.


925 Sterling Silver 11.5Ct Garnet Bracelet


925 sterling silver garnet bracelet - medusa jewels

Garnet. Suitable for an Aquarius woman can be, for example, a garnet bracelet. The garnet is a symbol of success, it is the stone of passion, clairvoyance, and love of life. It is considered to have an impact on women who are expecting a baby and even help them during childbirth. It is useful for girls to find the cursed, to hasten the marriage, to attract the chosen man.


Obsidian will help Aquarius defend himself from evil thoughts from other people, but also from gossip and the machinations of wicked people. The obsidian takes on the basic blow, it is charged with the negative energy of those around him, thus relieving Aquarius of troubles, giving him peace and reconciliation.

We must mention here that Aquarius is contraindicated the following precious stones: diamond and citrine, which are part of the element of fire. The diamond makes Aquarius overly stubborn and arrogant, developing such character traits as egocentrism and narcissism. Citrine has a double influence on Aquarius. On the one hand, it emphasizes his positive traits, such as the desire to know and the desire to achieve the proposed goal. On the other hand, it has a similar effect on the negative parts of Aquarius, taking them to extremes. Thus, Aquarius should be especially careful with citrine or, better yet, give preference to a safer and less harmful stone.

When they want to wear gemstones, Aquarius must choose a single talisman stone. Otherwise, the different stones will negatively influence each other, and the benefits will be nullified.



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