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Gemstones and Crystals for Libra Natives

Gemstones and Crystals for Libra Natives - Medusa Jewels

Stones and Crystals for Libra Natives

There are quite a few healing crystals from which you can choose if this is your zodiac sign. When you check their meanings, you will notice that some stones or crystals will attract you more than others. Although most people know the astrological sign of their friends and relatives, if you are thinking of buying them a gift, few people know the gems suitable for each sign. Let's see which stones are suitable for those born under the zodiac sign of Libra and which would be the most suitable jewelry for them.

You will be glad to know that by wearing your favorite stone, you may, for example, be able to solve a special health problem or overcome some psychological thresholds that you have been facing for a long time. There are a number of metaphysical properties and healing attributes for each stone for your zodiac sign, which will help you a lot to decide which one is best for you.

An air sign ruled by the planet Venus, Libra is the sign of those born between September 23 and October 22. It is not hard to guess that Libra is in a constant search for harmony. Balanced people, with a strong sense of justice, always take fairness for balance. Learn more about the specifics of the zodiac and learn what kind of precious stones and crystals fit the scales!


How are Libra natives?

Very sociable beings, who like to be surrounded by people and agitation, the scales do not hesitate to make many friends. They feel at ease when they are the center of attention. Of all the signs, Libra is the most devoted to the family and the couple. Libra natives have an exceptional strength to overcome any obstacle, to adapt to any challenges they may ever get in their way.


What gems and crystals fit Libra?

The best way to approach your choice is to go through the list of zodiac stones and read the information provided for each stone. This can help you make the best decision about the gems that will bring you good luck.

Start with the stones you already have in your collection, as you may be surprised to already find in your own collection jewelry with stones and crystals suitable for the sign of Libra. If you already have a certain stone, you can find out more details about its specific qualities and the reasons why you might choose to wear it. If you wear a stone whose properties you know, you are more likely to attract its healing powers.

Most of the stones in the following list have the ability to help with a variety of different problems, and their healing properties can be quite impressive and therefore can be very attractive. These stones are often quite pleasant from an aesthetic point of view, being very suitable to increase your health and well-being.


Jewel with tiger eyes

Another stone of Libra is the tiger's eye, which helps you maintain your own strength because Libra tends to be pleasing to those around you, putting the needs of others before themselves. Using the tiger's eye, scales can ensure that their inner and outer force is synchronized.

Aquamarine Jewelry

10K White Gold 1.50ct Blue Aquamarine Ring


Aquamarine is useful for promoting tolerance of others and open-mindedness, as Libra tends to judge others. Aquamarine is a stone that can help Libra reach deeper states of meditation and intuition.

925 Sterling Silver Aquamarine Five-Stone Ring

aquamarine five-stone 925 sterling silver ring - medusa jewels

Balances look for balance and relationships. Balance includes meditation, compromise, and negotiation, while relationships mean the necessary exchanges in each interaction. Libra is sociable, gracious, and non-conflicting (although they will sometimes speak even when it is necessary to do so.) Libra are air signs, allowing them to easily access the higher states of their minds. Air quality also makes balances undecided, however, this is often because balances are able to look at both the positives and the negatives of a situation and analyze it from several points of view.

14k White Gold 1.02ct Aquamarine & Diamonds Ring

10k white gold aquamarine engagement ring - medusa jewels


Labradorite Jewelry



Labradorite is known for cleaning and strengthening personal energy. It helps to release anxiety and replaces it with hope and happiness.

These characteristics represent the solar sign of Libra, which determines its nature and interests. The ascendant or sign of the Moon also influences the personality and desires of the Libra natives. These elements determine how others perceive you. The sign of the moon, on the other hand, reflects the self of Libra sheds light on how you deal with your own fears and emotions. This mixture of signs of the Sun, Sunrise, and Moon make up your personality. The use of Libra crystals enhances his innate qualities.


Jade Jewelry 




The main gemstone of Libra is Jade. Jade comes in two forms, jadeite, and nephrite. They are similar in appearance but have a different composition. Since Jadeite has bright colors, it is believed to be real Jade. This stone also happens to be a symbol of love. Some people give this stone to their loved ones to show their devotion. When jade is used, it helps bring you wisdom and balance. Black jade protects against negative energies and helps maintain peace of mind.

Lapis Lazuli Jewelry

925 Sterling Silver 9.66Ct Lapis Gemstone Ring

One of the strongest stones of Libra is lapis lazuli. This Libra stone focuses on the air element, helping you to meditate deeply, access your intuition, and ensure your peace. For Libra, who does not like confrontation, lapis lazuli ensures peace of mind and helps to express an opinion in a diplomatic manner. It also helps to overcome indecision tendencies.



14K Yellow Gold Oval 4.13ct Citrine & Diamond Earrings

citrine drop earrings gold 14k - medusa jewels

Citrine helps Libra to become less sensitive to criticism and to steer situations in a positive direction, helping the diplomatic quality of Libra natives.

14K Yellow Gold 5.03Ct Citrine Ring

14k yellow gold oval citrine engagement ring - medusa jewels


14K Yellow Gold 7.46ct Rose Quartz 0.16ct Diamonds Drop Earrings

pink quartz 14k yellow gold drop earrings - medusa jewels

Finally, quartz dissipates the characteristic of balance indecision, reducing confusion, and helping you think about the present moment.

14K Two-Tone Gold 8.51ct Pink Quartz & Diamond Ring


14k yellow gold pink quartz and diamonds cocktail ring - medusa jewels




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