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Everything You Need To Know About Morganite

Everything You Need To Know About Morganite - Medusa Jewels
Everything You Need To Know About Morganite | Medusa Jewels

Everything You Need To Know About Morganite

This pink, orange-pink beryllium crystal was named morganite in honor of JP Morgan, an eccentric banker,  American investor, and founder of General Electric. In addition to dominating the corporate world and transforming the business world of early 20th century America, Morgan was a philanthropist and passionate collector of precious stones and the owner of the largest collection of precious stones in the United States of over 1,000 precious stones. and semi-precious. George Frederick Kunz, chief gemologist at Tiffany & Co, named a newly discovered stone in 1911 after his most important client, morganite.


The market value of Morganite

Although it exists in small quantities in Madagascar, Brazil, Elba (Italy), Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe (Rhodesia), Pakistan, US (California), Afghanistan, and Russia, quality morganite is actually relatively rare. Ironically, however, the rarity of morganite keeps it affordable, as there are not enough standard-sized stones available for use in jewelry.

Compared to aquamarine and emerald, morganite is sometimes speculatively called "pink emerald". Although emerald belongs to the same beryl families, the term "pink emerald" is an inappropriate term for morganite. Unfortunately, some suppliers refer to the name of a more well-known stone to attract interest, respectively to raise the price, to another lesser-known stone. Although it is a rare stone, the price of morganite does not come even close to that of emeralds.

The most important criteria for determining its market value are clarity and color. Clean stones without inclusions with custom cuts are the most valuable. Because they are often found in larger crystals, its price does not increase exponentially with the size of the crystal. On the contrary, smaller morganites with better color may be more valuable than larger ones. Large stones are impractical to be used in jewelry. Here is the explanation for their affordable price. Therefore, more saturated colors are more valuable, as well as clean and well-cut specimens.


Morganite properties

MORGANITE is a variety of Beryl, pink or peach or pink-purple and is a silicate of beryllium and aluminum. Its color is due to manganese ions.

Morganite is a durable gemstone with a hardness of 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale. Only diamonds, which are often heavier than corundum stones, can be more durable than morganite. Morganite is a durable piece of jewelry as long as it is carefully treated and protected from scratches and bumps.

Morganite is a pleochroic stone, which means that it may appear to have different shades depending on the angle from which it is viewed. Morganite colors usually range from light peach color to colored salmon to more saturated shades of purple-pink. The saturation of the stone is strongly influenced by the number of mineral inclusions in the crystal. A higher manganese or cesium content will produce a more saturated pink in the morganite. As a general rule, the higher the saturation, the more valuable the stone.

Shades of pink-rose they are more sought after, while peach and salmon shades seem to be less popular. However, with the rise of the peach shade in the beauty industry, morganite in the peach shade began to enjoy higher demand. Because there is a wide range of shades, it is essential to see the stone clearly before you buy it.

Due to its hardness and durability, morganite requires minimal special care. Warm soapy water and a gentle rub with a soft cloth are enough to clean a morganite. Be sure to rinse all leftover soap. Avoid contact of this gemstone with any harsh chemicals. Keep morganite separate from other gemstones, as it can easily scratch other gemstones.


Morganite Jewelry Therapy

Crystals can help you achieve your personal goals. Morganite is the most admired jewel of all varieties of beryl due to its delicate color.

This is the precious stone of divine love, it brings compassion, healing, and helps us keep our promises.

Wearing jewelry with morganite is the ideal way to bring these qualities into everyday life.

Morganite Jewelry

Morganite studded adornments are immensely subtle yet glamorous. They are distinctive and go well with any attire and mood. At Medusa Jewels, you will come across morganite jewelry that truly defines luxury in its simplest to elaborate forms. To complement the rare beauty of a morganite, our designers have some gorgeous designs, ranging from vintage to modern. The morganite rings are femininely crafted with split shanks, diamond or other gemstones accents, and elegant twisted bands. Morganite is cut in popular shapes like pear, emerald, cushion, round, trillion and oval, and prong or bezel set for a delightful display.

Morganite stud earrings are simplified beauties, while the drop and dangling earrings are exquisite pieces. You can either pair the earrings with a morganite pendant or wear them alone. Though rose gold is one of the popular choices in metal, you'll also find other appealing options such as white gold, yellow gold, platinum and silver.

Here are some pieces from our collection:

Morganite rings


14K Rose Gold 1.76t Oval Morganite Halo Ring

14k Rose Gold 2.45ct Cushion Peach Morganite Engagement Ring

Everything you need to knoe about morganite | Medusa Jewels

18K Rose Gold 2.56ct Morganite & Diamond Ring

everything you need to know about morganite | Medusa Jewels

 14K Rose Gold 1.36ct Morganite & Pink Sapphires Ring

14K Rose Gold 1.36ct Morganite & Pink Sapphires Ring | Medusa Jewels

18K Rose Gold 1.79ct Oval Morganite Ring

18K Rose Gold 1.79ct Oval Morganite Ring | Medusa Jewels


Morganite Earrings

14K Rose Gold 3.66CT Oval Morganite & Sapphires Drop Earrings

14K Rose Gold 3.66CT Oval Morganite & Sapphires Drop Earrings | Medusa Jewels


Morganite Pendants

14k Rose Gold 1.72ct Pear Cut Morganite Pendant

14k Rose Gold 1.72ct VS Pear Cut Morganite & 0.10ct Diamond Engagement Pendant | Medusa Jewels


Morganite Market References

You will most often encounter raw morganite crystals in irregular shapes. On average, a morganite stone - rich in color - can be found at a price of about $ 300 per carat, with a custom cut. Paler versions may be worthless. By comparison, on average, a diamond can cost more than $ 3,250 per carat. Pink diamonds (a morganite-like appearance) can cost even more.

Morganite is a perfect investment if you want to invest in jewelry. Morganite has a high degree of shine, excellent durability, and lovely shades of pink rose. Its warm qualities make, for example, engagement rings with morganite an ideal alternative to diamond rings. In addition, the durability and affordability of morganite jewelry make morganite an excellent choice for everyday use.


In conclusion, having a very good hardness of 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale, in combination with its durability, clarity, and excellent colors, it recommends morganite as a very valuable stone.


Fascinated by morganite?

Add a hint of femininity to your outfit with one of our elegant Morganite jewelry pieces. Explore our Morganite collection with enchanting morganite rings, earrings, and pendants.


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