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Diamond Rings, Everyone Wants One!

Diamond Rings, Everyone Wants One! - Medusa Jewels

Diamond Rings, Everyone Wants One!

You already know the mantra that diamonds are a girl's best friend. It's probably Marilyn Monroe's most famous line, and while such a statement somehow puts women in the not-so-honorable light of superficiality, diamond rings are not just a symbol of greed, but rather an element of a millennial ritual. to show love and to officially ask for marriage.

Of the diamond jewelry, the diamond ring bears the strongest symbolism. Anyone who sees a woman wearing a gold diamond ring knows that she has just been asked into marriage, that she is engaged, and that she is going to get married. This symbol is a common one, especially among Western cultures. There is no marriage proposal without a ring, and if the ring is also with a diamond, then the ritual is fully performed.


The origin of the ritual of offering a diamond ring is certainly not known. Some historical sources place the appearance of this custom in ancient Egypt, others in ancient Rome. What is certain is that, regardless of the context in which this ring was offered, the diamond ring is part of the nuance rituals of many cultures around the world.

In 1947, the De Beers company launched a slogan that would become a classic on the international jewelry market: "A diamond is forever!" This marketing strategy has completely changed the attitude of consumers towards diamond rings, which, since 1947, have become more and more a necessity in marriage habits, due to what they symbolized: resilience, endurance. , a kind of guarantee that the marriage will last forever. The brilliance of the diamond is now the guarantee of the man's commitment to the woman he loves.


As time went on and the exploitation of diamond mines in Africa intensified, diamonds became more and more accessible to wider and wider segments of the public. If during the recession of the 1930s the diamond and diamond ring market was in crisis, De Beers Company's aggressive marketing campaigns, which used glamorous images of movie stars and international stars wearing diamonds, brought back on the waterline this business.


18K White Gold 0.50Ct Oval Diamond Ring - medusa jewels

18K White Gold 0.50Ct Oval Diamond Ring


Diamonds have thus established themselves as symbols of the union between two people, of their mutual love and, as different are the couples from all over the world, so varied are the patterns of diamond rings. So any couple can find the ideal diamond ring model that they like, represent, and fit into the budget.

The most popular models of diamond rings

Over the years, the most popular shape for the engagement ring diamond has been the round one. The round diamond had 58 facets, which divided the stone into two halves.


Princess cut diamond ring 

18K White Gold 1.6 CT Princess Cut Diamond Ring - medusa jewels

18K White Gold 1.6 CT Princess Cut Diamond Ring


Marquise Cut Diamond Ring




Emerald Cut Diamond Ring 

18K White Gold 2Ct Diamond Three-Stone Ring- medusa jewels

18K White Gold 2Ct Diamond Three-Stone Ring


Oval Cut Diamond Ring:

18K White Gold 0.5Ct Oval Halo Diamond Engagement Ring -medusa jewels

18K White Gold 0.5Ct Oval Halo Diamond Engagement Ring



Cushion cut diamond ring

18K White Gold Fancy 0.70Ct Yellow Diamond Cushion Cut Ring -medusa jewels

18K White Gold Fancy 0.70Ct Yellow Diamond Cushion Cut Ring


Pear Cut Diamond Ring

18K White Gold 0.6Ct Pear Cut Halo Diamond Ring - medusa jewels

18K White Gold 0.6Ct Pear Cut Halo Diamond Ring

How do you buy the perfect diamond ring for your future wife?

When preparing to buy a diamond ring, you need to consider several aspects, especially when it comes to choosing a diamond. To make it easier for you, you can be guided by the rule of "4C" - cut, carat, color, and clarity, respectively cut, carats, color, and clarity. All these elements must be known in order to correctly estimate the quality of the diamond ring and, consequently, to determine its price. When it comes to such special pieces of jewelry, it's a shame to rush and make an unknowing choice. It is not enough for the ring to be beautiful and you like how it looks, especially if it costs you a small fortune. Don't be fooled into your choice of the right diamond ring, it's good to know what you're buying!

The most common materials from which the rings in which the diamonds will be mounted are made are gold and platinum. Such an expensive stone can only be mounted in rings made of precious and durable materials, which will retain their shape over time and withstand various factors that could damage them over the years in which they will be worn.

Yellow Gold diamond rings

medusa jewels diamond 18k yellow gold channel set diamond ring

14K Yellow Gold 0.48ct Diamond Half Eternity Band Ring


Gold diamond rings are slightly more affordable than platinum ones and, in addition, they are classic. The first diamond engagement rings were made of gold. It is best to choose the material from which the ring is made taking into account the daily preferences in terms of jewelry of the woman you are going to ask for as a wife. Gold is a good choice for women with light, bright skin, for blondes, redheads, and, in general, for women who like to wear gold. Don't buy a gold diamond ring for a woman who wears silver every day, you might put her in trouble.

White gold diamond rings





For women who wear silver jewelry every day or those who do not like yellow gold, you can offer a ring with a diamond lb aura. All gold, the symbolism is the same, and the diamond looks beautifully mounted on white gold rings.

Platinum diamond rings

Platinum is a more precious material than gold, so more expensive and even a little harder, so more resistant. Due to its silver hue, it matches silver office watches and can be more easily matched by an ordinary woman to wear jewelry made of different materials, change them and combine them in different ways. Platinum diamond rings are universal, out of fashion, and have the great advantage of being able to match anything by their happy owners. What's more, they are worn simply, as a central piece of jewelry, without adding anything else to your outfit.

What kind of diamonds for engagement rings?

If you ask yourself this question, it means that you are willing to invest a grandma amount of money for an engagement ring. In choosing the right stone, you need to consider the style of the woman you choose: clothing style, lifestyle, way of being.

A medium and square diamond for a nonconformist woman, who, although she is getting married, wants to go out of the classic patterns.

Pay attention to the certifications of the stones, to test their authenticity and, if necessary, do not hesitate to take out insurance for the ring.



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