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Citrine Jewelry - Opulence and Luxury

Citrine Jewelry - Opulence and Luxury - Medusa Jewels
Citrine Jewelry - Medusa jewels

Citrine Jewelry - Opulence and Luxury

Citrine has been popular since antiquity and is revered for its rarity, but its value has changed over time. The ancient Romans used it to make beautiful citrine jewelry and intaglio printing techniques.

Citrine was very popular when creating jewelry in the 19th century. During the Art Deco period between the two wars, large citrine stones were mounted in numerous precious pieces, including massive and elaborate Art Deco citrine jewelry, made for famous Hollywood stars such as Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford.

Over time, citrine was no longer as rare and precious, so its use no longer had to do with opulence and luxury. In fact, citrine has come to be considered a cheap and common stone, not being taken seriously.

Nowadays, however, there is a widespread renaissance of citrine jewelry. Its purchase price is no longer a prohibitive one, but an advantageous one, it allows the use of very large stones in jewelry. As part of the trend, jewelry manufacturers use large, bold stones - many cubist cuts, to give an impression of opulence and luxury at affordable prices.

Citrine is therefore the favorite of women who want to expand their collection of jewelry with precious stones, with little money. When it comes to completing the wardrobe in bright earthy colors on a low budget, citrine has no competition.


So what is citrine?

14k Yellow Gold 10.64ct Natural Citrine & 0.16ct Diamond Ring - medusa jewels

14k Yellow Gold 10.64ct Natural Citrine & 0.16ct Diamond Ring


Citrine is defined as "a pale yellow quartz that resembles topaz." Amethyst and citrine are both varieties of quartz, one of the most common minerals in the Earth's crust. The natural abundance and infinite variety of quartz made it the most widespread of all the minerals used in jewelry. In its pure form, quartz is colorless and transparent.

However, the colors of citrine and amethyst are given by chemical impurities. In the case of citrine, the iron content gives it color. Natural citrine is usually light yellow in color and is very rare. Most commercial citrine stones are produced by heat-treating amethyst. In fact, heat-treated citrine is sometimes called "burnt amethyst."

Citrine is grade 7 on the hardness scale. Because the stone is sensitive to heat, it should be protected from excessive exposure to heat or light.


14K Rose Gold Round 7.98ct Citrine & Diamond Earrings - medusa jewels

14K Rose Gold Round 7.98ct Citrine & Diamond Earrings


Mandarin citrine or Madeira citrine?

Mandarin citrine has more orange, while Madeira Citrine is preferred by collectors because it is very rare: it has a reddish-orange body, a very deep color tone with red-orange inclusions.

The preference of color is a determining factor in the purchase of each type of citrine by collectors. So if you prefer pastel colors, choose a golden-yellow citrine, "Mandarin Citrine". And respectively, "Madeira" red, if you prefer orange.

Another variety of citrine, caused by environmental changes is bicolor citrine - Citrine Quartz, a mixture of citrine and white quartz. While Brazilian and Madagascar Citrine are generally considered to be of the highest quality, Brazil is the largest producer in the world, with the most Citrine stones coming from the Rio Grande do Sul region. A rarer and more spectacular variety is permethrin, a combination of amethyst and citrine found in the same stone.


14k Yellow Gold 7.51Ct Cushion Citrine Ring - medusa jewels

14k Yellow Gold 7.51Ct Cushion Citrine Ring


The mystical powers of Citrine

Precious stones are used to heal the body and spirit. Although considered a pseudoscience, crystal therapy has gained momentum lately, being in fact a rediscovery of healing techniques from 6,000 years ago, used by the ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia. The modern philosophy of crystal healing, however, is Asian-inspired, the most notable being the Chinese concept of vital energy (chi or qi), and the Hindu or Buddhist concepts of chakras, which unite the physical and metaphysical (etheric) elements of the body.

In crystal therapy, the stones are placed in various areas of the body, aligned along the chakras, on the head, forehead, neck or chest, or stomach, under the navel, or in the genital area. The stones are also worn in jewelry or placed under a pillow, as talismans or amulets.

14K Yellow Gold 11.3Ct Flawless Citrine Ring - medusa jewels

14K Yellow Gold 11.3Ct Flawless Citrine Ring


So, citrine is a gemstone used in healing, because it has many positive attributes that help our physical body to heal. It is said that the stone helps with digestive and urinary disorders. It is also believed to purify the body and can help counteract the toxic effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

Citrine is a tonic of the circulatory system, helping to cleanse the blood because it is processed in the kidneys and other organs.

It is also thought to improve the transmission of electrical impulses in the nervous system and improve the functioning of the endocrine system. Citrine is the stone of weather-dependent people and sensitive to other external influences. It is also beneficial in the regression of degenerative diseases.

Citrine stimulates digestion, the spleen, and the pancreas. Helps with eye problems, intensifies blood circulation, and activates the thymus gland. It has a warming effect and strengthens the nerves.

Immersion of a citrine stone in pure water produces an elixir that is said to release the body of toxins. This elixir is also beneficial for women with menstrual problems such as cramps, pain, and PMS. It also helps menopausal women, balancing the hormonal glands and alleviating fatigue. As with other yellow gemstones, citrine is used to treat bladder disease and thyroid imbalances.

14K Yellow Gold Oval 4.13ct Citrine & Diamond Earrings - medusa jewels

14K Yellow Gold Oval 4.13ct Citrine & Diamond Earrings


Citrine is a very helpful tool in healing and rejuvenating the self. Citrine is used in spiritual healing because it is a powerful cleansing and regenerating agent. It manifests virtues of self-healing, inspiration, and anti-aging. Using the power of the sun is great for overcoming depression, fears and phobias.

It helps people with low self-esteem. The wearer's self-esteem becomes more radiant with a citrine jewel. It inspires us to look to the future with confidence and optimism, instead of being stuck in the past.

14k Yellow Gold Princess Citrine Wedding Band Ring - medusa jewels

14k Yellow Gold Princess Citrine Wedding Band Ring


Mentally, citrine awakens our higher minds, expands our consciousness, and improves our clarity of thought, promoting inner calm so that we can access our own wisdom.

Citrine helps us digest information and analyze situations, directing them in the right direction, helping us to find the best solutions to our problems. Citrine also encourages acceptance of constructive criticism and shows us how to act in this regard. It ensures good control of our emotions.

It also helps us to be spontaneous without disturbing others and also helps us to remain calm in the most difficult situations. For this reason, it is a useful stone for harmonizing communication in groups or families, because citrine helps us to listen rather than talk.

Citrine attracts negativity from our body and induces a deep and comforting peace. It helps us overcome the fear of responsibility and stop anger and destructive behaviors. It is also said that the stone would act as an early warning system so that we can act preventively and thus protect ourselves.

14Kt Yellow Gold Vintage Oval 10x12mm Citrine Earrings

14Kt Yellow Gold Vintage Oval 10x12mm Citrine Earrings


Citrine warms, energizes, and stimulates our creativity. It also gives flexibility and openness to new experiences. It energizes all aspects of our lives and is a magnet for useful friends and mentors.

In conclusion, Citrine is a stone that brings joy to those who look at it and induces a positive attitude in everyone. Darkness and negativity do not last around citrine. Citrine promotes generosity, but at the same time helps us maintain our wealth. It is the stone that attracts all the good things in our lives.

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