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Capricorn Jewelry, Everything You Need to Know.

Capricorn Jewelry, Everything You Need to Know. - Medusa Jewels

Capricorn Jewelry, Everything You Need to Know

We all have friends and acquaintances who celebrate their birthdays between December 22 and January 20. Those born during this period have the zodiac sign Capricorn and, to get to know them, I suggest you read some secrets about them, which will help you better understand them and choose the right holiday gifts. Let's find out what jewelry suitable for the Capricorn sign exists and why.

Capricorn December 22 - January 20

Capricorn is the earth zodiac sign, ruled by the planet Saturn. If you have a whim in your life, then you have felt on your skin how cautious they are and how strong their practical spirit is. Capricorn is a type of man who, although he does not wear a spade and is not necessarily vindictive, will not forget those who upset him or wronged him. You don't want to be on a Capricorn blacklist!

Capricorns are responsible and family-friendly people who like to take care of household chores and spend time with family and friends. In a Capricorn, you can trust that he will do what he promised and that he will treat his duties responsibly, whether personal or professional. Capricorn natives are capable of great sacrifices to accomplish a mission, and once dedicated to a cause, a relationship, a purpose, they will not give up until they have done what they set out to do. Capricorn natives are, as they say in English slang today, "result-oriented." Capricorn is a man who likes order, is disciplined, and does not give in to momentary impulses.

It may be difficult to persuade your friends or Capricorns to make a decision. Capricorns are temperate, thoughtful people who know how to stay calm and make the best decisions for themselves, no matter how difficult it may seem. Therefore, it often takes them longer to convince themselves how they should act in different circumstances, but nothing can stand in the way of a determined Capricorn!

Source: GIA


Capricorn natives are ambitious, hardworking, and eager to assert themselves in society, in the field in which they work, but also in their circle of friends and close people. Their main purpose is not to be the center of attention, to amaze or impress those around them due to their social status, on the contrary. The Capricorn native wants to leave behind a better world and contribute, as much as he can, to it. Capricorn is not vain, but he wants his merits to be recognized when he accomplishes something that, in his view, is important.

Capricorns are team players. They like to understand the mechanisms of functioning of the society in which they live and they like to get involved in political or professional organizations/structures in which their vision of the world has the opportunity to be put into practice.

Although it may seem selfish, cold, overly calculated, etc., Capricorn is often not. He can leave the impression of coldness and indifference because he manages his emotions and time very well so that he does not waste precious resources on what is not an absolute priority for him. Capricorn will know how to say no when his interests require it because he will not do anything that does not bring him any advantage.


Regarding the love relationships of the Capricorn, his members must know that, although the Capricorn will not excel in romantic manifestations of his love, this does not mean that he is not able to love.

When the Capricorn finds his mate and feels that together with that man he can create something lasting, he will not hesitate to dedicate himself completely and make all the efforts he is capable of to maintain the fire of passion.

Compatibility: the ideal partner for a Capricorn is the scorpion. Virgos, bulls, and crayfish are also very compatible with Capricorn nations.

Famous Capricorns: Gerard Depardieu - December 27, Mel Gibson - January 3, Michael Schumacher - January 3, Duchess of Cambridge - January 9, Jim Carrey - January 17.

Source: Pinterest


Capricorn gemstones and crystals

Knowledge of Capricorn stones and crystals will help you understand the strong and structured energy of this zodiac sign.

By working with the healing powers of crystals and precious stones, you will be able to capitalize on your most sincere ambitions and you will be able to more easily find your inner motivation and resources to achieve your goals.

Each planet and star sign has corresponding crystals that share their energy resonance. Think of it this way: the planets are massive, celestial rocks that influence the energy fields on Earth, while crystals are massive Earth rocks that can influence our bodies directly from the surface of the planet we populate.

The gemstone that best suits Capricorns is Garnet.

14K Rose Gold Oval Garnet & Accents Ring

925 Sterling Silver 11.5Ct Garnet Bracelet

Crystals form when liquid magma in the earth's core moves to the surface, cools to solidify and then crystallizes over millions of years.

Onyx and Galena are the two crystals recommended for those born in the season of Capricorn or those ruled by Saturn. Onyx and galena jewelry are also recommended for those who want to reach the energy of Capricorn at any time of the year.





Black onyx is a stone in the quartz family. Onyx is great for business people and professionals, as it encourages healthy selfishness and the ability to handle disputes and challenges with a calm perseverance.




Galena is a mysterious mineral that reflects light like a mirror. Galena guides the inner light that encourages us all possibilities supports us and improves the thoughts and actions that are waiting to manifest.

Capricorn's energy is very solid and grounded. Working with this reflective gray silver mineral helps to cultivate strength and courage. For those who spend a lot of time in front of the computer, keeping a piece of Galena nearby can help you absorb and counteract the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation via Wi-Fi.

Capricorn gemstones

925 Sterling Silver 2.38Ct Marquise Red Garnet Ring

925 Sterling Silver 3.33Ct Marquise Rhodolite Garnet Ring


Capricorn is recommended for dark stones, navy blue, indigo, or black stones.

  • Navy Blue stones: Dumortierit, Eye of Falcon, Sapphire, Sodalite.
  • Indigo stones: Ruby
  • Black stones: Hypersten, Black Onyx, Shungite, Black Obsidian, Snowflake Obsidian, Sardonyx, Tectite, Black Tourmaline.

Now that you know everything you need about the right stones for Capricorns, don't hesitate to surprise the Capricorns in your life with jewelry that will delight their eyes, but, above all, will bring them the right energies for their temperament!

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