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Beautiful Jewelry for Scorpio Natives

Beautiful Jewelry for Scorpio Natives - Medusa Jewels

Beautiful Jewelry for Scorpio Natives

Scorpio jewelry. October 23 - November 21

What sign are you? How many times have you been asked this question and how many times have you had to answer it? Whether you are skeptical about zodiac signs and do not pay much attention to them or, on the contrary, you know your ascendant, the time you were born and watch the horoscope daily, the mystery that hovers over the influence of zodiac signs in people's lives can not leave it indifferent. Information means power, and knowing the characteristics of the zodiac signs can be an important ace up your sleeve!

If you have a scorpion in your life that you want to know more about and that you want to make the right gift for, then you have found the article you needed! A minimal set of knowledge about the characteristics of each sign can be useful when you try to surprise someone. And all the more so as each sign has some precious stones and crystals reserved for it.

I suggest you find out below some features of the sign of the scorpion, which will help you make successful gifts and read people first. You will be able to surprise the scorpion in your life (or even yourself) with jewelry that will not only be beautiful, but that will bring him the peace and energy he needs!

There are a number of common characteristics of people born under the same lucky star. In this article, we will put the scorpion under a magnifying glass and we will review the jewelry that suits it. Let's see what the Scorpio natives, born between October 23 and November 21 are like, and especially what is the right jewelry for them.

Every man is unique. Even twin brothers have traits that set them apart. However, those born in the same zodiac sign share a number of elements that make them distinctive and easy to spot, under any circumstances.

What traits characterize the scorpion?

Scorpio is the fourth zodiac sign, is ruled by the planet Pluto and is part of the category of water signs, which means that they can be as calm as the sea on a quiet day or, on the contrary, very stormy.

Scorpio is a passionate, independent man, confident in his own strength, who does not listen to what is said about him, and who will always do what he has planned. Scorpios are fine observers and, like detectives, will pay attention to details both in terms of the people they interact with and the environment in which they live.

Scorpio tends to be authoritarian, to impose his point of view by any means. Scorpio natives are also prone to a great pride and do not hesitate to respond harshly if someone upsets them. Scorpios are serious people you can count on, they are persevering and loyal. In short, the scorpion has a strong, volcanic personality, but can also act calmly when the situation requires it.

Scorpio loves power, likes to be the center of attention, and is usually a vengeful person.

Compatibility: Scorpio gets along well with the natives Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces.

Famous scorpions: Voltaire, Pablo Picasso, Bill Gates, Julia Roberts, Leonardo DiCaprio. Now that I have illustrated the above features by listing some of the most famous scorpions, I think it is easier to remember their defining features.

Crystals and stones for scorpions

Zodiac- specific crystals and gemstones are an important source of energy for the native scorpion. The stones work to enhance his positive traits, but also to help him overcome his fears and anxieties. It is good to wear jewelry that has elements of crystals and precious stones that attract energies beneficial to your zodiac sign. Even the simple fact of having objects with such crystals and stones around you draws a lot of positive energy on you and gives you the strength you need to carry out your plans.

The crystals of Scorpio bring light to anything that blocks his spiritual path, helping him to overcome his limits, to overcome his fears, and to objectively analyze his perspectives. The energy of the jewelry with crystals and stones recommended to the scorpion improves his intuition and gives him protection.

List of stones and crystals for Scorpio 

For the astrological sign of Scorpio, the most suitable stones are rhodonite, citrine, sodalite, amethyst, smoky quartz, agate, boji stone, charoite, dioptase, opal, malachite, ruby, turquoise, peridot, moonstone, labradorite, kunzite, variscite.

The lucky crystal of the scorpion is the tiger's eye - a semi-precious stone that symbolizes power over the opposite sex.

Rhodonite - a power stone, brings compassion and helps emotional healing.


Citrine - the crystal of optimism and rebirth



Sodalite - the stone of courage and communication

Amethyst - the stone of spirituality and business success



Smoky quartz - removes emotional blockages, protects and cleanses the astral body

Agate - the stone of pure love



Agate is a microcrystalline variety of the mineral quartz and is characterized by differently colored stripes, evenly distributed. It is found in nature in a wide variety of colors, from the lightest, yellow, light green, to the darkest, such as brown, dark orange, or even black.

Boji stone - is a strongly protective stone, helpful in removing blockages. Negative emotions, painful memories, malaise, mental and energetic blockages - all these symptoms can be alleviated due to the boji stone and its healing properties. Smooth stones have feminine energy, and irregular ones, masculine. In order to balance the two types of energy in the body, a pair of such stones is very efficient.

Charoite - an extremely rare mineral, which comes in a variety of shades, from pale pink to deep purple. It is beneficial in purifying and balancing karma, protects against the hostility of others, helps maintain well-being, and can even relieve insomnia.

The dioptase, also known as copper emerald, is dark emerald green and has a glossy sheen. This stone helps to balance feelings of compassion, forgiveness, and karmic balance.



Opal - a stone of luck, which enhances the strengths and helps to assert the full potential of the wearer





Malachite - promotes change and self-confidence, absorbs negative energies












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